7-8-17 Firearms

Well, that was a nice 6-hour nap. The new drug knocks me out. Please excuse the crude language from the previous post. I suspect as memories continue to return that have been lost for so many years it may get worse before better but I don't see any other way but to work through them. I don't really expect anyone to read his blog so I will continue to talk to myself and put my thoughts down here no matter what they are.These are my unfiltered thoughts and feelings. There is no political correctness or religious or moral precepts here. Only truth as I see it. I went last week and meet with the HPD Investigator to start the process to retrieve my firearms. He has to do paperwork that goes to the District Attorney and then to a judge to issue a court order to release them. Shirley doesn't want them back inside the house so I may have to check with my daughter and her husband and see if they want to keep them for the Grandsons. It's $2500.00 worth of guns and ammo so I'm not going to just let the police keep them.Big Brother is here so watch what you say and to whom to say it to. I need to do some housework looks like a storm is coming up.


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