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11-30-17 Today's Daily Dig

TODAY'S DAILY DIGTODAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2017 Mahatma Gandhi Although we sing, “All glory to God on High and on the earth be peace,” there seems to be today neither glory to God nor peace on earth. As long as it remains a hunger still unsatisfied, as long as Christ is not yet born, we have to look forward to him. When real peace is established, we will not need demonstrations, but it will be echoed in our life, not only in individual life, but in corporate life. Then we shall say Christ is born.…Then we will not think of a particular day in the year as that of the birth of the Christ, but as an ever-recurring event which can be enacted in every life. Source: from a talk given on Christmas Day, 1931

11-30-17 Worry Much?

I read an article today entitled, What Worry Costs Us. As someone who suffers from OCD and anxiety I'm well versed in the art of worrying. I don't need a reason to worry if none exists I just imagine or invent a reason. When you worry continuously about everything your daily life becomes unbalanced. It robs you of joy and contentment. It makes your blood pressure increase and puts an extra strain on your heart. It makes you irritable and short tempered. So what good does it do to worry about anything?  Here's what the bible has to say about worry.

The Most Frequent Command The most frequent command or teaching in the New Testament given by Jesus was not to be holy, or to love one another but to not worry, to have no fear or to not be anxious.  In fact, there are about 365 mentions of this given by Jesus which gives us at least one verse for every day of the year.  We might think that that Jesus is only trying to help us to alleviate our anxieties but He is actually commandi…

11-30-17 Rapture Ready News

Rapture Ready News 30 Nov 2017Published on: November 30, 2017 by RRadmin7 Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in coming days
Two days after US VP Mike Pence says Trump ‘actively considering when and how’ to fulfil his campaign pledge of moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, reports surface that the US president is considering announcing his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as an interim step. Chevron, Total, Petrochina may develop Iraq’s Majnoon oilfield 
Chevron, Total and Petrochina may form a consortium to develop Iraq’s Majnoon oilfield which Royal Dutch Shell wants to exit, Oil Minister Jabar al-Luaibi said in Vienna on Thursday. Merkel is the administrator of the West’s downfall
Unlike her Christian Democratic predecessors, Chancellor Merkel has no crosses hanging on the walls of her office. She is the daughter of a Protestant pastor from the period when there was an East Germany. She never talks about “values” in public. She is the perfect m…

11-30-17 Daily Prophecy Headlines