7-11-17 mindless chatter

I slept well last night. I didn't take any meds again yesterday. I really don't see the point. As long as I can function I'm ok. My whole purpose of living is to be functional for the people who depend on me. I don't think that I am capable of being happy. I can be content but not happy. I've tried God, money, careers, drugs, alcohol, success and still no happiness. Maybe some people just can't be happy. Anyway, why spend time worrying about it. Everything is ok. Shirley is doing ok. She told me that she wants to go to a Crawdad's Baseball game. I hate watching baseball. It is so slow and boring and it's just too hot and humid to sit outside for two hours.The dogs are ok. My daughter and Darren should be back home this morning with their load of school books. I had hoped to spend some time with the grandsons this summer but it looks doubtful.  I don't know about starting school in the spring. Going into overload mode is a dangerous thing for me to do now. Maybee it's best left for after I retire from work.My doctor wanted to know how I could be satisfied doing the work I do. Who says you have to be satisfied or even enjoy doing it. Work is Work. You do because to have to not because you like or enjoy it. I don't need a lot of material things anymore. A roof over my head, something to wear,  food and water, is all I need. Everything else is a luxury. Well guess I'd better go there's plenty to be done before I go to work.


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