7-15-17 Holidays and BS

I need to just take some meds and go crash out because everything is pissing me off today. I'm trying to make lunch and Shirley is yelling at me to come to the bedroom. I go see what she wants. She watching QVC on the tv and wants me to see some fucking candle holders for Christmas. What the hell. I hate holidays and that's why. Every damn holiday has been turned into another excuse to buy more crap that you don't need. If you want to have a joyous holiday then take your ass down to the soup kitchen or homeless shelter and HELP someone who needs help. Do you really think your worthless relatives that you only see once a year really care or give a rats-ass about you or about what you bought them? Do you think God really's care if you have a new outfit to wear to church on Easter? Do you really need to give the person you love the most anything other than yourself on Valentines Day or your Aniversary?Is stuff what your relationship is all about?Do you want to do something for your mom or dad on their birthdays and Father's Day or Mothers' Day? Then pick up the phone and call them or go see them and spend some time with them. That's all they want your time and your love, not a bunch of worthless crap.Those the only things I ever want or need from anyone. If you can't give me your time and love then I don't need anything from you.  We've all become so damn brainwashed that we just don't have a clue anymore?. Is it any wonder society is in the shape it is today. We've lost what being human is really all about. Did the Son of God need anything of this world? I wonder why God'has allowed us to continue this long. That's all.


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