7-15-17 Here's to new Endings and Beginings

In case you've been drugged out or just had your head up your ass for the last two years I've got a news flash for you. Life on earth as we know it is about to end. Most of us are going to die some very quickly others not so quick. There's nothing anyone can do to prevent it from occurring. It's just the natural order of the universe. In simple scientific terms there is another solar system already inside of ours. It has several planets and moons and a BIG ass twin to our SUN. This BIG twin is going to pass between our SUN and the EARTH. When it does the gravitational pull is going to cause a POLE SHIFT which is going to cause a lot of nasty things to happen. The bible calls it WORMWOOD and the events JUDGEMENT DAY.  It's probably going to occur before the END OF THIS YEAR. The governments of the world have know this for years and have been preparing accordingly.  This event has occurred before over the course of history . It's God's way of cleaning up mankind's mess. If you have things left to do in your life now is the time to do them. Live every day as your last day. No regrets. There is no future only today. So don't worry about growing old or the house payment or your job or anything else. It's all MEANINGLESS. Enjoy the real things in life if you can. If you believe in God and eternity rejoice because you are going to meet him soon.      


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