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1-31-18 Daily Prophecy Headlines

1-31-18 Rapture Ready News

Rapture Ready News 31 Jan 2018Published on: January 31, 2018 by RRadmin7 Trump is getting ready to dump the PLO
President Trump and America’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley – virtually within hours of each other – have laid the groundwork for Jordan to replace the PLO as Israel’s negotiating partner under President Bush’s 2003 Roadmap – endorsed by the United Nations, European Union, and Russia – and Bush’s 2004 Congress-endorsed commitments to Israel. Greenblatt: Trump won’t force an agreement on Israel
“I want to take this opportunity to cut through the noise,” he said. “Our approach is rooted in the belief that instead of working to impose a solution from the outside, we must give the parties space to make their own decisions about their future. Our approach is also guided by the belief that instead of laying the blame for the conflict at the feet of one party or the other, we must focus on unlocking new areas of cooperation that benefit both Israelis and Palestinians.” Top U.S. diplomat war…

1-31-18 Daily Dig

Daily Dig for January 31Hermas Do good, and with a simple heart share the fruits of your labor, which God gives to you, with all those who are poor, not wondering to whom you should give and to whom you should not give. Give to all, for God wishes that you give to all from his gifts to you. Source: The Early Christians

1-31-18 The First 15

The Weekly Overview This week we’ll look at a vital spiritual practice to all those seeking to grow in God: tilling the soil of the heart. Jesus spoke in Matthew 13 of two different types of soil—hard and soft. God longs for us to till the soil of our hearts that we might be receptive to the seed of his word and bear fruit. May your heart become more responsive to the presence, will, and love of God this week as you cultivate good soil with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Scripture “Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.” -  Psalm 29:2The Worship ExperienceArtist: Paul McClureSong: Jesus We Love You

1-31-18 Today in the Word

DEVOTION FOR WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2018Ephesians 6:21–24CONCLUSION OF THE EPISTLE Ephesians was one of the first New Testament books to be recognized as Scripture by the early church fathers. In one of his writings, Polycarp (a.d. 69–155) quoted from Psalm 4:5 and Ephesians 4:26 in such a way as to clearly indicate that he regarded both as the inspired Word of God. As we conclude this month’s study of Ephesians, we must remember that it’s God’s Word to us today! The call to live worthy of the gospel, and our need to clearly understand God’s purposes and plan in salvation, are as relevant and urgent today as they were two thousand years ago. Tychicus, one of Paul’s trusted ministry partners, delivered the letter and would have been able to authenticate it as from the Apostle (vv. 21–22). He also brought personal greetings and news of how Paul was doing under house arrest in Rome. He may have been based there for a time during Paul’s third missionary journey (see Acts 20:4) and would r…