7-12-17 Simple way to die

Today is Wednesday. It's been an OK day. I signed an advance directive for mental health and power of attorney for healthcare today. I'm not talking anymore psych drugs and I'm never going back to the nut ward at the hospital. I'll keep seeing the Dr, God knows I need someone to decompress to. I don't like dumping my trash on Shirley's doorstep. I have dumped some on Dana's and I shouldn't do that either. I was bored last night so I looked for do it yourself suicide websites. Wow there's a lot of them. one was quite informative and useful. Out of all the ways discussed I think suicide by cop is probably the most efficient and most likely to get the job done quickly and right the first time with minimum  pain and suffering. You just have to get over the moral dilemma of causing an innocent person to commit murder. But if you really want to die I guess that really doesn't matter. I think people should be allowed to choose but that's just my opinion.


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