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A Prophetic Vision Given to Nita Johnson
Jan. 27,1989
[editor's notes in brackets]

I was awakened in the middle of the night. The Lord said to me, "Why do you think I gave you that vision of the United States?" I replied, "I don't know, Lord, why did you?" He then responded, "A surrogate mother won't work. Sarah could not be one to Ishmael. It's not My way." As I was pondering what that could possibly mean, He followed with, "Only what is born of faith can work."

While the Lord gave birth to America's liberty and planted in her bosom a hope, He promised to be her protective covering if she would meet His conditions. He did not give birth to this sinful and rebellious nation. Although He has given birth to His church, a nation within a nation, He did not give birth to this antagonistic entity we call America. It was the blood, sweat and tears of man that gave it birth. Humanists swam in…


Is this the end of time? - James Rutz -

No. But as of today, you have only two shopping months till Christmas.

You just have to ask yourself: "Can I get my Christmas shopping done before Jesus comes back?" And if your time is tight, you may want to ask, "What's really important in life?"

Let's start here: Jesus was born on Dec. 25, right? Well, the neat thing about celebrating Dec. 25 is that it's such a comprehensive holiday. Since antiquity, it has been designated as the birthday of Baal, Moloch, Dagon, Nimrod, Hercules, Atlas, Mithras, Krishna, Zeus, Osiris, Tammuz, Horus, Apollo, Amon, Ra, Bacchus, and Jupiter. So if there's anything to these other religions, you're covered just by decking a few halls and downing a couple of eggnogs.

When Jesus came along, He got dumped into that godpile for sake of convenience, and the distortions of Christian history began to stack up like Yule logs. After awhile, you had not only baby Jesus,…


End Time Government Strength: America's Path To One World Order - By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst -

WASH-KIN- Earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, the threat of pestilence and famine are all combining to pave the way for the one world government of the antichrist and America finds herself at tremendous risk of falling prey to a voluntary takeover or one forced by presidential executive order, the law or widely accepted new policies.

Whether it is by design or driven by events, President George W. Bush and his Administration seem to be paving the way for Presidential authority to use the military as first responders to acts of God, such as the hurricanes, and as a policing entity to restore and maintain order during outbreaks of disease. This leads to a single point of authority that can be utilized by the politically powerful with evil intent.

America always has been mindful of the tyrannical power of government. There are safeguards written into the Constitution to preven…


Apocalyptic anxiety runs high in disasters' wake


Every morning, the Rev. Micheal Mitchell prays that if today is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it, he will be ready.

"Ever since the terrorist attacks four years ago, I try to live every day as if it will be the last day," said Mitchell, 46, senior pastor of New Life Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church in East Flatbush.

Mitchell's belief that he is watching biblical prophecy unfold in the form of modern day famines, floods and earthquakes has grown increasingly urgent. What with a cataclysmic earthquake swallowing whole villages in South Asia, coming on the heels of a killer tsunami and hurricanes that flooded the Gulf Coast and brought lethal mud slides to Guatemala, apocalyptic anxiety is running extraordinarily high -- among believers and nonbelievers alike.

Set against a backdrop of terror threats and worries that avian flu may morph into a pandemic, it's no wonder that talk of …


My dear brothers and sisters in christ,I have been away for the last two weeks working with the American Red Cross in the Gulf region.This is indeed a time of sorrows for many families.Please remember all those affected by disasters in your prayers and if you can give a donation to help them out please do so.There are thousands of people who have lost all their earthly belongings.Now is the time for us to show Christ's love to those in need.I will resume posting tomorrow,time grows short our Lord stands near at the gate.May God's blessings and mercy be with you.