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10-16-19 End Time Players in Syria- Is the End Near?

Daily Jot: End time players in Syria--is the end near? - Bill Wilson - The New York Times has written a blistering critique of President Trump's pull out of troops along the Syrian border that has resulted in not only Turkey trying to eliminate Kurds, but also firing on remaining US military and placing US nuclear weapons housed in Turkey at risk. The Times says it is rare to see the impact of a foreign policy decision so quickly, and that the move helped Russia, Syria and Iran. The past three presidents foreign policy decisions, however, have caused turmoil in the Middle East-Iraq invasion by Bush; Arab Spring by Obama; and now Turkey invasion by Trump. All helped Russia, Syria and Iran continue to gain an edge. The Trump move also helps Turkey and coalesces a prophetic force. In Daniel 8:19, Gabriel says, "Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be. The ram which you saw having tw…

10-16-19 Calvinists Before Calvin?

‘Calvinists’ Before Calvin? PREDESTINATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH October 15, 2019 Article by Shawn Wright Professor, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ABSTRACT: Luther’s and Calvin’s Catholic contemporaries argued against Reformed doctrine because it disagreed with the teaching of Rome. The Reformers argued, first, that their doctrines agreed with Scripture, but they also appealed to church history. Predestination and the other doctrines of grace were, according to them, not novel teachings, but teachings held as far back as the church fathers — especially Augustine. For our ongoing series of feature articles by scholars for pastors, leaders, and teachers, we asked Shawn Wright, professor of church history at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, to trace the doctrine of predestination in church history. Protestants in the Reformed tradition have not been shy about championing the doctrine of predestination, God’s