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Is God Trying To Talk To Somebody In The US? - By Thomas Horn - – (Raiders News Update) – Nearly 4000 years ago, the Hebrew God gave Egypt's king opportunity to do the right thing by letting His people go. The Almighty used words of admonition, nothing more, through Aaron and Moses. Yet when Pharaoh's heart was hardened, God's rod became his lectern, and weather, among other things, helped bring Yahweh's significant point across.

Last week, my friend Jerry Robinson editorialized that God should not be blamed for recent weather anomalies. Others disagreed. Salon magazine took particular pleasure in pointing out that President Bush himself used the pulpit at the National Prayer Service to shed personal responsibility for New Orleans by pointing his finger at God.

Bush may have been right. Dozens of scriptures from both Old and New Testament books confirm that God often uses weather to get peoples attention. So if God is speaking, and this i…


STORMS AROUND THE WORLD - By David Dolan - Jerusalem

My last WND commentary was written in the immediate wake of the July 7th London terrorist bombings. I noted that the two main promoters of the Israeli-Palestinian Road Map peace plan are the USA and the UK, and opined that the atrocious Islamic terror attacks in the British capital might have occurred at least partly as a result of divine displeasure with a core demand of that plan—Israeli authorities must quickly uproot Jewish residents from the Gaza Strip and from Israel's biblical heartland, Judea and Samaria.

Pointing out that Ariel Sharon's then-pending unilateral evacuation of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria was a direct result of intense pressure from American and European leaders, I ended my piece with this warning: "If it's true that nations, like individuals, reap what they sow, then folks all over the Western world better get ready for even more difficult days ahead."

This is n…


Inside The White House—A Special Report From Bill Koenig -

From increased chances of an earthquake in the Pacific Northwest to the bankruptcy of major U.S. airlines, the week has been full of prophetically-related news stories. The terrorists in Iraq are stepping up their attacks at the same time President George W. Bush is calling on the United Nations for sweeping reforms, including a crack down on terrorism—but first the U.N. must agree to a definition of terrorism.

Meantime, the United States is pressuring Israel to continue abandoning the West Bank even though the Palestinians are already setting up terrorist strongholds in Gaza. And would you believe that ultimately Russia is behind it all…read on, you'll be glad you did!!!!

Bush: U.S. to pay most of costs to rebuild New Orleans

President Bush promised Thursday night the U.S. government will pay most of the costs of rebuilding the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast in one of the largest reconstruction projects the world …


I Will Bless Those Who Bless You - A Bible Study by Jack Kelley -

"I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." (Genesis 12:2-3)

" 'The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Throughout the country that you hold as a possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land. (Leviticus 25:23-24)

Right from the beginning, the Lord made good on His promise to bless those who blessed Abraham and curse those who cursed him. When the kings of 5 nations kidnapped Lot and his family, Abraham went after them, aided by Aner, Eschol, and Mamre, three leaders of the Amorites. When the dust had settled, Lot was freed, the 5 kings were defeated, and the Amorites received a handsome spoil from the King of S…


The Trumpet is Sounding But No One Is Alarmed
By David Wilkerson

Of all the Old Testament prophets, Amos speaks most clearly to our times. The prophecy he delivers zeroes in on our generation, as if it were ripped from today's headlines. Indeed, Amos' message is a dual prophecy. It was meant not only for God's people in his day, but also for the church right now, in our time.

Amos described God as a roaring lion, ready to strike Israel with judgment:

"The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy?"
(Amos 3:8)

The prophet declared,

"God has risen up as a roaring lion, ready to strike his prey. And when I hear this lion's voice roar, I have to warn."

The Lord was using Amos to awaken Israel. What was his message? God was about to send judgment on his people, for their overwhelming evil and corruption.

Of course, the Lord never judges a people without first raising up prophetic voices to warn them.



Iran jubilant about Katrina - World Net Daily

Revolutionary Guards see opportunity to 'create devastated war zone in U.S.'

WASHINGTON – Iran, which has experimented with missile detonations that can create nuclear electromagnetic pulse attacks capable of crippling U.S. electrical grids and computer technology, is taking notice of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

Griffen Eleby stands near his Chrysler sedan in downtown New Orleans Monday, Aug. 29, 2005. The car was crushed by bricks that fell due to Hurricane Katrina (photo: St. Petersburg Times)

Iran's Revolutionary Guards conclude the deadly storm has exposed America's strategic vulnerabilities, according to reports today on the Ansa-e Hezbollah website.

"The mismanagement and the mishandling of the acute psychological problems brought about by Hurricane Katrina clearly showed that others can, at any given time, create a devastated war zone in any part of the U.S.," said Brigadier General Masoud Jaza…


09-11-2001 Memories-Hope

I am a tear. I am born. I fall from the sky. I land on
the earth to begin my life. I am sterile. I am water.
I am clear but EMPTY. What am I here for? What is my
purpose? I search for FULL-fullness. My last memory is
not pleasant. 9-11-01. I am over run by thick dry
dirt, attempting to wipe out my existence. I have not
yet had a chance to live. I feel pain. I am immobile.
I must break free. I must live. Part of me escapes, as
a small and discolored drip. My progress is slowed. I
am no longer whole. A large part of who, and what I
am, was left behind, trapped forever in the dirt, a
constant reminder of my past experience in the
darkness. I find strength and once again move onward
into the unknown, to live. To find purpose, with hope,
I move on. A gentle breeze blows. I feel myself
moving. I hope in the right direction. The wind picks
up. Unexpectedly I find myself soaring with the wind
and landing in a green meadow. I have landed on the
petal of a beautiful flower. My future was …


Inside the White House — Bill Koenig

We are watching an unprecedented moment in our history. We need to pray for our leaders and all those involved in this catastrophe — which is of biblical proportions. Again, just as with the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the event has been so huge that the secular media has ironically resorted to using biblical terminology to describe what has happened and what the U.S. is experiencing.

Another Tough Week for the White House

This was another very difficult week for President George W. Bush and his White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan. As MSNBC stated, the Bush White House is known for its ability to remain in control of its message and image, sliding out of crises with barely a scratch. Not this time.

The White House was on the defense for a few days until it decided to stonewall any further dissection of their pre- and post-Katrina efforts, saying the inquiry into the Katrina event will bring matters to the surface. They said that, for n…


America's Fall From Grace; Does Katrina Mark A Beginning Decline? - By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst -

WASH—Sep 7—KIN—State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters that the United States would not decline any offer of disaster relief from any foreign nation or organization. With that, Major George Hood of the Salvation Army has revealed that for the first time in history, foreign donations have been received by America for a natural disaster.

Over 70 nations had pledged support as of Tuesday night, including Cuba, Russia and China, as well as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. France, Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia, Britain, NATO and more have pledged support. And Hood said that the intensity of the donations from Americans is keeping pace or exceeding those that were received for 9/11. He admitted that it was a strange feeling to receive donations from foreign countries for a disaster in the U.S. given that the U.S. is usually on the givi…


World War III: Four Years and Counting - By Steven Stalinsky

The Arab press — not only what they are saying to the West, but what they are whispering to each other. We believe you will be sickened. But you will certainly better understand the war on terror and what we are up against | The war against the West which was brought to the U.S. on September 11, 2001 has continued throughout the world in places such as Spain and London — which has been referred to by leading Arab writers as "a chapter in World War III". The attacks have included slitting throats, beheadings, blowing up planes, trains, and buses and are purposely brutal to instill terror. One notable example includes the suicide car bombing of a crowd of children receiving candy from U.S. soldiers in Iraq, killing 24 of them on July 14, 2005.

As the fourth anniversary of 9/11 approaches it is worth reviewing what President Bush said to the American people on September 15, 2001: "Th…