3-9-21 Nine Signs that Chess Pieces are Being Moved Into Place for a Major War in the Middle East

9 Signs That Chess Pieces Are Being Moved Into Place For A Major War In The Middle East - by Michael Snyder - The American people are really going to regret putting the warmongers back in control. Joe Biden has been in the White House for less than two months, and the warmongers that Biden has surrounded himself with have been feverishly setting the stage for the next war in the Middle East. I do not believe that it will start within the next week, but I do believe that it is inevitable. While President Trump was in the White House for four years, the U.S. didn’t start any new conflicts, but now the Biden administration is quite determined to start projecting “American influence” all over the globe once again. Most Americans don’t understand the bigger picture, but the truth is that this is going to have very serious implications over the next few years. In this

3-9-21 Global Debt Oppression Prophesied Part 2

Global Debt Oppression Prophesied: Part II :: By Wilfred Hahn Published on: March 7, 2021 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles, Wilfred Hahn Ripening Times #9 Over the decades, I have been to countless conferences (some of these prophecy conferences … others secular economics meetings) where at least one speaker will fire-up the audience with many charts showing soaring debts. A frequent representation has always been a picture showing stacks of $100 bills reaching the moon … and so on. Catastrophe is always just around the corner according to these speakers … some even claiming that certain “insiders” have told them that a monetary collapse is just weeks away. But here we are, some half a century and more later, and outstanding debts are accelerating anew as perhaps never before in history. These speakers (and we mean no personal harm when we say this) almost always miss the essential point. For one, we must not overlook that every penny of debt in the entire world is owned by som

3-9-21 Digital Vaccine Passports are Coming

Digital Vaccine Passports Are Coming & Could Be Used For Much More Than Travel – Robert Wheeler - There are currently two existing vaccine passports options, one being operational in the United States right now: Common Pass: Created by Commons Project, this health pass has been in international use since October on United and Cathay Pacific flights between New York, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Common Pass operates via Apple's Health app on iOS and CommonHealth for Android. It connects to 230 US health systems. It functions as a scannable QR code and can store a passenger's test or vaccine data and travel plans. IATA Travel Pass: Expected to launch in early 2021, IATA Travel Pass, is currently under development by the International Transport Association. According to the IATA website, the digital pass for travelers is: A global and standardized solution to validate and authenticate all country regu

3-9-21 Relax, God's Got This

Relax, God’s Got This :: By Howard Green Published on: March 4, 2021 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles The months leading up to the recent 2020 Presidential election were punctuated by prayers, rallies, and a tangible sense of urgency among many evangelicals that Donald Trump must be re-elected or all hope is lost. There was a perception among many believers that it was God’s will for Trump to serve as President again because of his Christian world-view and support for Israel. There was a consensus among some evangelicals that Trump had to be re-elected in order for God’s plans for the U.S. and the world to come to fruition. Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, was a day marked by confusion and conflicting reports regarding the outcome of the Presidential election. As Joe Biden became the projected winner, the weeks that followed were marked by a confidence that the election results could be overturned through the courts at a state level, and there was hope that the Supreme Court would ac

3-9-21 In the Sweet By and By

In the Sweet By and By :: By Dennis Huebshman Published on: February 28, 2021 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles Pure raw, unadulterated anger; violent riots; changing weather patterns; pestilence; volcanoes in various places; earthquakes in various places; anything truly Christian labeled as a hate belief; law enforcement under attack; military disrespected. These are just some of the attitudes and satanic patterns taking place in our world today. And, Yes, satanic; and before moving on, how about the churches of Satan that have opened and are opening around the country? Prior to about a decade ago, we wouldn’t have heard of such a thing. (any emphasis mine) Checking the Father’s chosen people, for just about four years, they had relief and backing from our past president. They experienced respect they have not been shown since May 14, 1948. However, with the current administration, it is already obvious they will soon return to being called “trespassers” and “occupiers” in their

3-9-21 Blame It on the Lukewarm Pulpits

Blame It on the Lukewarm Pulpits :: By Edwin Tan Published on: February 26, 2021 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles When a regular churchgoer’s next generation falls away from the faith, it can cause more than a shake-up in the family unit. Wounds run deep because of this; repair appears to be quite a long shot! As the blame game hunts for culpable parties, it is blatantly clear that the parents of the one falling away should not be totally accountable for the slip-up. What started this train wreck? It is all boiling down to one thing – a lukewarm pulpit! All very well said in Revelation 3:17. “Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’ – and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. ” Such an earthly institution takes it for granted that all is very well and cool; what do they really need when they have a pastor that is almost at par with a rock star. Then there are those intricately choreographed Sunday services against

3-9-21 Where Does Our Help Come From?

Where Does Our Help Come From? :: By Candy Austin Published on: February 26, 2021 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles Deuteronomy 8:17-18 “And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.” Too many times, we do not give credit where credit is due. We tend to pride ourselves on the works of our hands as if we did it all by ourselves. Recently, as was widely published, those of us in the South endured an unusual snowstorm! One which caused many of us to lose power and even access to water due to pipes freezing and bursting all across the region! Never in our lives have my husband and I went without taking a shower or a bath for 6 days at a time! Thankfully, the Lord allowed us to have power at 30 minutes on and 15 minutes off for 3 days during the worst of the powe

3-9-21 The War Against Life

The War Against Life – Jonathan Brentner - It’s much more than a war on our children, although it’s all that. It’s more than an assault against women, but it’s surely that as well. And it’s more than the destroying of God’s design for marriage, although that’s definitely included. What we see today is an all-out attack on life itself. We see this in the vile abortion mills where tens of millions of innocent children die a cruel, painful, and horrible death. The multi-billon sex trafficking industry also testifies to the devil’s vicious assault on our children. A contributing factor to this war on life is the proposed Equality Act moving through Congress. Biden, a fervent supporter of this legislation, promised he would get it passed in the first one-hundred days of his administration. This bill elevates the rights of transgenders far above women and wipes out religious fre

3-9-21 Turkey's Bid

Turkey's bid to return to Ottoman-era glory endangers Israel and the region - Israel Kasnett - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has high ambitions. He wants to take his country back to what he perceives as the glory days of the Ottoman Empire, but the leader, who has been described as "pugnacious" and has been at the pinnacle of power since 2002, appears to be leading the country down the wrong path as he quashes secularism, supports radical Islamism, suppresses democratic reforms and adopts a forceful foreign-policy approach that aims to assert Turkish hegemony in the region. With an eye on his party's conservative and religious support base as his popularity dips amid an economic downturn, Erdoğan recently converted two Istanbul landmarks operating as museums-the Hagia Sophia and the Church of St. Saviour in Chora-into mosques in a bid to flex his Islamist

3-9-21 Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking Outside the Box :: By Jim Towers Published on: September 12, 2020 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles, Jim Torres “Towers” Humanity is confined to thinking “rational” thoughts, that is, what we can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Science is the closest we humans can delve into hypothesis and theory. Beyond that is the spiritual realm. One of the first to acknowledge this realm was Job in the Holy Bible. Then came Enoch who was transported to heaven without having died. Then there were other men of God who also experienced this closeness to their/our creator. We refer to them as prophets; they are men to whom God revealed the things to come. In the Old Testament, Moses opened this new awareness to us when he talked to God face to face (as it were) on Mt. Sinai and gave us the Ten Commandments as a result, and that for our own good. God seems to be very selective about those He chooses to “talk too.” Not all who claim that God talks to them really do, and you can usually

3-9-21 A Study of Zechariah 14:1-11

A Study of Zechariah 14:1-11 :: By Mark A. Becker Published on: September 11, 2020 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles [Note: This author is a pre-Tribulation rapture believer, and this article reflects that view.] Introduction Zechariah 14:1-11 can be a difficult passage of Scripture. Most think it is referring to the last battle, most commonly referred to as Armegeddon1, when Christ comes back to save Israel at the end of the Tribulation, destroys the armies of the world, and has the Antichrist and False prophet thrown into the lake of fire. And, in fact, most of the passage is just that. Yet, there are parts of the passage that might be puzzling to the Bible student as there seems to be absent correlating information when compared to other Scripture. This article will attempt to resolve any possible confusions while breaking down the passage into sections with commentary to each. In doing so, it is imperative that the reader understand that Bible prophecy is most often never l

3-8-21 Daily Prophecy Headlines

HEADLINES IN PARTNERSHIP WITH TRACKING BIBLE PROPHECY 3/8/21 New Zealand embraces BDS, divests government fund from Israeli banks Abbas Battles Fatah Party Discord Ahead of Palestinian Elections Explosion kills 3 Gaza fishermen, Hamas rocket suspected 71st Armored Battalion completes preparations for war on Northern Front Israel Updating Plans for Potential Iran Strike, May 'Act Independently': Minister Israeli jets escort American B-52s during flyby, in show of force to Iran In wake of Iranian aggression, Pentagon warns US will retaliate US extends national emergency on Iran, in effect since 1995, by another year President Joe Biden signals support to replace war power authority in Middle East Yemen's Houthis Fire Missiles, Drones at Saudi Oil Facilities Pope Francis visits churches destroyed by Isis in northern Iraq 'Peace more powerful than war', Pope Francis says in Iraq's ruined city of Mosul Iraqi gover