7-14-17 Friday evening

Friday evening. It's been an OK week. We'll see how the weekend goes. I have a emergency supply of Ativan. If I feel like doing anything stupid I can drug out and sleep for 8-10 hrs. No updates on Marshall.I hope he's doing better.
Tuesday I'll be 59. I'm shocked that I've actually survived another year. I hope the day passes quickly. Shirley asked me if I wanted a cake. I told her I didn't want anything.I just want the day to come and go just like any other day. I don't see anything to celebrate. Men don't really care about their birthdays it's just another reminder that they are getting old. Anyway I've got two doctor appointments next week. So maybe the week will go quickly not that it will be any different from this week. Well that's it. No words of wisdom for today.


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