LEFT BEHIND-SOUNDTRACK: "1. Hide My Soul - Avalon
2. After All (Rayford's Song) - Bob Carlisle
3. Left Behind Main Theme - Bryan Duncan with ShineMK
4. No Fear (Panic In The City) - Clay Crosse
5. Can't Wait For You To Return - Fred Hammond
6. Believer (Buck's Song) - Jake
7. I Believe In You - Joy Williams
8. Live For The Lord (Irene's Song) - Kathy Troccoli
9. Fly (Chloe's Song) - LaRue
10. Never Been Unloved (Bruce's Song) - Michael W. Smith
11. I Need A Miracle - Plus One
12. Come Quickly Lord - Rebecca St. James
13. Sky Falls Down (Israel Is Attacked) - Third Day
14. All The Way To Heaven - V*enna
15. Midnight Cry (Closing Theme) - Various Artists"


I never knew the american orthodox church was pre-trib. Interestings...anyways, stopping in to say I got your email.

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