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16 Jan 2018

Israeli security forces find cell phone bomb in Joseph’s Tomb 
Israeli security forces removed a bomb on Monday from Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus in the West Bank, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. The bomb, found in a cell phone during a security scan to secure the tomb for about 1,000 worshipers, was removed from the tomb and detonated by security forces. Protestors threw stones at security forces upon their entry to and departure from the site, damaging their bus but resulting in no casualties.
Rohingya crisis: Bangladesh and Myanmar agree repatriation timeframe
Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed a timeframe for repatriating hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who fled crackdowns from the military. Myanmar has agreed to accept 1,500 Rohingya each week, Bangladesh says, adding that it aims to return all of them to Myanmar within two years. More than 740,000 Rohingya have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh amid violence in Rakhine state in 2016 and 2017.
China rights lawyer Yu Wensheng loses licence
A Chinese human rights lawyer says his licence has been revoked three months after he wrote an open letter criticising the ruling Communist Party. Yu Wensheng, 50, received the news in a letter from Beijing’s Bureau of Justice on 15 January, a photo of which he has since tweeted (in Chinese). Mr Yu has long been a frequent and vocal critic of the government.
Brexit: EU ‘tightens transition guidelines’ on immigration, trade and fishing
The UK’s freedom to determine its own rules on immigration, trade and fishing in a transition period after Brexit may be further restricted, according to revised EU guidelines on a transition. Draft EU documents would see full freedom of movement extended until the start of 2021. The UK would also need “authorisation” to stick with existing EU trade deals.
Iowa lawsuit pits gay rights against religious freedom
The University of Iowa is caught up in a legal fight with a conservative Christian student group that denied a leadership position to a student who is gay. The case pits a university policy barring discrimination based on sexual orientation against the religious beliefs of a 10-member group called Business Leaders in Christ. The group sued after the state’s flagship university in Iowa City revoked its campus registration in November.
U.S. and China Prepare for Trade Clash of the Titans
The last time Washington mobilized for a trade war, Ronald Reagan was president and Japan the adversary. Today, the White House is readying the same big guns—a mix of tariffs and quotas—aimed mainly at Chinese imports. It has in its sights everything from steel to solar panels and washing machines. A record Chinese annual trade surplus with the U.S., announced last week, is the potential catalyst for hostilities after a year of bluster from President Donald Trump.
America’s Fastest Spy Plane May Be Back—and Hypersonic
For years, Lockheed Martin Corp. has been developing a successor to one of the fastest aircraft the world has ever seen, the SR-71 Blackbird, the Cold War reconnaissance craft that the U.S. Air Force retired almost three decades ago. Lockheed officials have said the hypersonic SR-72—dubbed the “Son of Blackbird” by one trade journal—could fly by 2030.
Nafta Trio to Gather in Davos as Negotiations Resume in Canada
The three ministers leading negotiations to revamp Nafta will get two chances for face-to-face talks this month… U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland are due to attend the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, which begins on Jan. 23, the same day the sixth round of North American Free Trade Agreement talks get underway across the Atlantic in Montreal.
Think Flu Season is Bad? It Might Get Even Worse
The influenza virus that’s sickened millions of Americans is already the most widespread outbreak since public health authorities began keeping track… Now, with the threat of more strains emerging, it might get even worse. “Flu is everywhere in the U.S. right now,” said Dan Jernigan…of the …Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. “This is the first year we have had…widespread activity in all of the continental U.S. at this point.”
‘Eye-bleeding fever’ outbreak CONFIRMED: Fears of PANDEMIC as disease hits SECOND country 
Uganda’s health ministry has today finally admitted it is facing the risk of a large-scale explosion of the viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF). VHF causes victims to suffer a burning fever before beginning to bleed from orifices including their eyes, anuses and mouths. It comes after a girl, nine, was reportedly killed by the infection Uganda, and three people died in neighbouring South Sudan of similar symptoms.
Israel Gearing up for 70th Independence Day Celebrations
The government is already preparing for a massive celebration on April 18th, the 70th anniversary of the modern miracle that is the State of Israel. (video)
A Strong Israeli Army is the Answer to International Holocaust Remembrance Day
International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is observed on January 27, is a day set aside by the UN to memorialize victims of the Holocaust, encourage educational programs about one of the darkest times in history, and prevent future acts of genocide. To that end, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) runs a meaningful program called, “Witnesses in Uniform”. The program, funded by Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers and IFCJ, sends hundreds of IDF officers and reservists to Germany and Poland to visit concentration and death camps, the ghettos and the old communities of destroyed European Jewry.
Putin Pals Panic Over US “Corrupt Oligarchs” List, Begin Liquidating Assets
Russian oligarchs are growing increasingly nervous over the U.S. Treasury’s upcoming “Official Oligarch” list, which is being created pursuant to an Aug. 2, 2017 law requiring that the Treasury and State Departments identify officials and oligarchs as determined by “their closeness to the Russian regime and their net worth” an Executive Order signed quietly in Late December which freezes the U.S. housed assets of foreign government officials or executives of foreign corporations deemed to be corrupt.
Netanyahu: Abbas’ speech exposed his true colors
Using particularly jarring language, Abbas said, “Trump, ‘ikhrab beitak'” – an Arabic curse meaning “may your house be destroyed.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on a state visit to India, said, “Abbas has shown his true colors. He has torn off his mask and made clear the simple truth that I have been trying to expose for many years: The root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies with the Palestinians’ fundamental and constant refusal to recognize a Jewish state in any borders.”
Abbas: Israel a colonial project that has nothing to do with Jews
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said during a conference of the PLO’s Central Committee that “Israel is a colonial project that has nothing to do with Jews.” “Europeans wanted to bring the Jews here to preserve their interests in the region,” Abbas added.
Trump Designates $55 Million to Help Christians, Religious Minorities Rebuild in Iraq
In the wake of Vice President Mike Pence’s announcement last October that the United States government would provide direct aid to persecuted Iraqi Christians struggling to rebuild following the liberation of the Nineveh Plains, the Trump administration has taken concrete steps to follow through on its promises.
U.S. Deploys Electronic Warfare Aircraft To Korean Peninsula
The United States Air Force has deployed an aircraft designed for electronic warfare to the Korean Peninsula. As reported by The Aviationist Monday, an EC-130H Compass Call aircraft recently left Japan’s Yokota Air Base and arrived at Osan Air Base in South Korea.
Now global warming blamed for refugee madness
Rising oceans. Flooded shorelines. Horrific storms. Cold winters. Hot summers. An Arctic without ice or snow. Water flooding into the 9/11 memorial in New York. You’ve heard all the dire warnings about what global warming is doing.  But there’s a new one: It’s causing immigration.
Pray to Allah, Soap Opera Tells German Kids
Native German kids must learn to pray to Allah, a soap opera recommended. A segment from Lindenstra├če, a state-funded TV show, shows a young German woman telling a boy that there’s “another name for God,” and that name is Allah.
WATCH: Cops Raid Park, Arrest a Dozen People, Including a Child—For Helping the Homeless
In spite of the myriad of stories over the years, in which police and governments across the United States have been exposed as tyrants, cities and their armed agents continue to persecute good people who help those less fortunate than them. The latest case of police oppressing those who’d dare to help the homeless comes out of El Cajon, California this week in which more than a dozen good Samaritans were arrested.
Obama Lied and Argued Against Executive Amnesty, Then Lied and Said DACA Only Temporary, Now Lies and Calls Trump Racist for Scrapping DACA!
….But Obama lied.  He didn’t really believe what he was saying, he only hoped  Americans believed him. A short time later, in June 2012,  Obama went on to push through his Executive Amnesty plan referred to as DACA.  During his announcement at the White House, Obama claimed that the law would be temporary –
Mass Surveillance: The Government’s Secret Tool To Convict By Violating Rights
A devious process, known as “parallel reconstruction,” lurks behind many cases being brought to trial in America, these days.  It’s actually a mass surveillance tool for the government and it violates the rights of every single person in the United States.
ENEMY OF THE JEWS: Obama and his deep hatred of Israel on full display
It’s outlandish how friends become enemies and enemies become friends on this in-depth video about Obama’s relationship (or lack thereof) with Israel. Once you see it all together, the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place.
Damning Oprah Video Surfaces; Anti-Christianity Rant Goes Viral
That Oprah 2020 presidential run just ended after this vintage yet damning video surfaced.
More Than 100 Are Dead As The Worst Flu Epidemic In Years Sweeps Across The United States
This flu season is already off to a record-setting beginning, and many believe that it could ultimately be the worst that we have seen in decades.  In fact, it has been reported that if we stay on this current pace that this could truly be the worst flu season in more than 50 years.  As you will see below, the CDC is reporting widespread flu activity from coast to coast, and the death toll has already crossed 100.  Here in the United States, flu season usually begins in October and ends in May, and so we still have a long way to go before it is over.

1-16-18 Daily Dig

Daily Dig for January 16

J. Heinrich Arnold
The essence of faith must become clearer to us. One may accept the teachings of the whole Bible, but without meeting Jesus himself, it will be of no value. Nor does it help to have a conviction if one has not deeply felt and experienced Jesus’ character, his being, and his nature. Each soul must be personally confronted by Jesus himself.
Source: Discipleship

1-16-18 The First 15

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The Weekly Overview
All of us have insatiable longings that can only be satisfied in communion with our heavenly Father. The longing to be enjoyed, fascinated, to gaze upon beauty, and to be someone great are driving forces within each of us. The longing to experience intimacy without shame, to be wholehearted, and to make a deep and lasting impact resound within each of us at the foundation of who we are. God created these longings knowing that they can only be fully satisfied in him—that they would be avenues to deeper relationship with him. As we look at each of these longings individually, I pray your heart would find its fulfillment in the loving nearness of your heavenly Father.

The titles and main concept for this week are all derived from The Seven Longings of the Human Heart by Mike Bickle and Deborah Hiebert.
The Scripture
“Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.” Romans 1:22-23
-  Romans 1:22-23
The Worship Experience
Artist: Amanda Cook
Song: So Will I (100 Billion X)
The Devotional
All of humanity is marked by an insatiable desire for fascination. We long for that which is unexplainable, intensely interesting, and unfathomable. But too often we settle for being temporarily fascinated by the things of the world. We look at concepts, cultures, and man-made creations and find fascination in that which is meant to lead us to the One who is most fascinating—our heavenly Father.

You and I were created to be fascinated by the invisible nature and miraculous, supernatural works of God. We were created to know personally the God who created a universe so vast that its enormity is beyond measure. We’re created to experience communion with the God who created that which is so miniscule even our largest microscopes can’t capture it. We serve a God of wonder who alone can satisfy our insatiable longing for fascination.

But somewhere along the way we’ve chosen as a people to seek fascination in the world over God. Romans 1:22-23 gives us insight into this destructive pursuit. Scripture says that early on in history humans “claiming to be wise… became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.” Sin turned our gaze from God to his creation. We exchanged that which would wholly fascinate us for all of eternity for idols that were never designed to satisfy us at all. You can see it all around. In our culture, we idolize the created over the Creator. We lift up men and women instead of looking to the King of kings. We spend hours placing our hope in that which will never fully satisfy us. I can see it in myself. I jump from material thing to material thing, TV show to TV show, idea to idea, just looking for something to fascinate me. I’ll be fascinated with something for a week or month at most, and then I get bored. We buy and sell, get in and out of relationships, and ride emotional roller coasters, the whole time thinking, “This will be it; this is what I’m missing.”

God is calling us to a restored life where our need for fascination is satisfied in him—producing peace, joy, fulfillment and purpose. He is calling us to stop seeking fascination in that which is fleeting and to root ourselves in him who is eternally satisfying. He is calling us to look at the world through a heavenly perspective to see that all of his creation, good or bad, would draw us to himself.

Take some time in guided prayer to assess the ways in which you are seeking satisfaction for your longing to be fascinated. May you be wholly fascinated by your present, eternal, and loving heavenly Father today.
The Prayer
1. Assess your own heart. Where do you seek fascination? Are you looking to the created or the Creator to satisfy your need to be fascinated?

2. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you explore the depths of God. Have faith in God’s word:

“These things God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” 1 Corinthians 2:10

“It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” Proverbs 25:2

3. Ask God to teach you something new about himself. Ask him to show you how he desires to satisfy your longing for fascination.

“Because of your unfailing love, I can enter your house; I will worship at your Temple with deepest awe.” Psalm 5:7

“Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; bring an offering and come before him! Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness.” 1 Chronicles 16:29
God designed the world in such a way that it would direct us back to him. He wants you to be fascinated with your spouse, nature, ideas, creation, and even entertainment, as long as they direct you back to their true source! He wants to fascinate you both through the works of his hands and in spending time with him in meditation, worship, study of the word, and simply listening as he speaks. He’s designed so many wonderful avenues with which to satisfy your longings—just don’t get caught up with the created things themselves. May God satisfy your longing for fascination today and every day. May he remain the source of your wonder and awe. The choice is up to you! What will you spend your time and energy seeking today?
Extended Reading: Romans 1

Craig DenisonCRAIG DENISON is the author and founder of First15, a daily devotional guiding tens of thousands of believers into a fresh experience with God's presence every day. He writes, speaks, and he and his wife, Rachel lead worship to help believers establish a more tangible, meaningful connection with God.

1-16-18 Today in the Word

Ephesians 4:1–6
Pastor and author John Piper explained in a sermon: “The deep horror of our sin is not simply that we cross over some line that God told us not to cross. The ultimate essence of evil is not simply that we break God’s commands. The problem with our sin is that we love or prefer anything over God.” If we fail to understand this, “the glory of Christ’s victory on the cross, the majesty of God, and the deep satisfaction of the Christian life will all be lost on us.”
To live worthy of our salvation, then, means to value God above all else. Obedience to His commands follows from that. Just as Paul had devoted his life to his calling to proclaim the gospel (3:7–8), so now he exhorted the Ephesians and us to “live a life worthy of the calling you have received” (v. 1). Here “calling” refers to God’s sovereign choice of us for adoption, redemption, and forgiveness (1:3–14). We’re to live worthy of His grace and gift of life (2:8–10). That’s a lot to live up to! Fittingly, this can only be done in God’s strength.
What does this mean specifically? Today’s passage gives us three examples. First, it means to be humble and gentle (v. 2). These qualities, seen as weak, were not prized in Roman culture. Second, it means to be patient and loving. And third, it means to live in unity and harmony with our fellow believers (v. 3).
Paul expanded on this third command, in keeping with his focus on the church in this epistle (vv. 4–6). Unity or oneness among fellow believers is founded upon a series of “ones”—one Spirit, one hope (of salvation, see 1:18), one Lord (Christ), one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all.
Water baptism is an ordinance or sacrament (depending on your tradition) of the church wherein we publicly identify ourselves as followers of Christ (see Rom. 6:4). It makes sense that Paul would refer to it when addressing unity in the body of Christ. If you’ve never been baptized, speak to your pastor or another church leader and learn more about it.

1-16-18 Daily Devotion

January 16, 2018

Test Yourself

Many of us love the Bible because it’s filled with words of assurance, promise, and encouragement. However, it also contains warnings that we’d be wise to consider and heed. Like the nation of Israel in the wilderness, the church throughout history has also had some people who were characterized by unbelief.
Jesus said that although many call Him Lord, the proof of salvation is displayed in an obedient life (Matt. 7:13-23). You may have noticed the fruit of salvation—or the lack of it—in your church. Consider the following signs that may indicate a person in need of salvation:
• They are oftentimes involved in conflict and disunity in the church because they lack the fruit of the Spirit.
• Sometimes they prefer the spectator role and are reluctant to get involved or make a commitment to a local congregation of believers.
• If they are serving in the church, they may feel frustrated because they are trying to do the supernatural work of God without the power of His Spirit.
• They have trouble understanding the Bible but little desire to read it.
• Because they are resisting the Spirit’s conviction, they are uncomfortable or irritated when the pastor gives an invitation for salvation.
The purpose of God’s warning isn’t to have us judge the salvation of others; rather, He wants us to both examine ourselves and lead people to the truth. The consequences are eternal, so it’s important to do as Scripture says: “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith” (2 Corinthians 13:5). Pray that God will enable you to point others to Jesus—and that He’ll help you to grow ever more Christlike.
Bible in One Year: Exodus 1-3

1-16-18 Today's Topical Bible Study

2 Tips from Paul on Telling Your Story

Randy Newman

The task of evangelism often includes telling our individual story along with the larger gospel story. Weaving the two together makes for a powerful articulation of God’s gracious work through all times and his specific salvific work in an individual heart – namely, yours.
Many have supported their emphasis on sharing a personal testimony by pointing out that Paul did so numerous times in the book of Acts. In Acts 26, for example, Paul tells Agrippa about his Damascus Road experience with the hopes that he, along with all who were listening to him “may become what I am, except for these chains” (Acts 26:29).
As an encouragement for us to follow Paul’s model, some have argued, “People can’t dismiss your personal testimony because it’s your story. They can’t deny it.”
I’m all for people sharing their personal testimony. But a bit more careful thought needs to shape the process.
It is worth noting that Paul did not merely share his subjective, personal experience. He wove together that story with the more objective, universal Gospel story that must be proclaimed to all people. Paul crafted a dual-themed masterpiece that spoke of his unique encounter with Jesus along with these objective propositions:
-       Paul’s hope is what God had promised the fathers (Acts 26:6-7)
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-       Paul’s message included the fact that conversion (anyone’s!) is from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God, involves forgiveness from sins, and leads to sanctification (Acts 26:18)
-       People must “repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds” (Acts 26:20)
-       This message is in line with the prophets and Moses (Acts 26:22)
-       The crux of the matter is not Paul’s subjective experience but the objective truth that Christ suffered and rose from the dead (Acts 26:23)
So, as we consider sharing our testimony, we should, like Paul, weave together a twofold-story that combines our individual experience with the Gospel for all. Otherwise they will indeed dismiss what we say as something merelyour experience. They won’t deny it. But they won’t embrace it either. They won’t disagree but they won’t feel its sting.
How do we do this? Here are two suggestions: