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A Foundation Built on Faith

from the June 27, 2006 eNews issue

Independence Day is rapidly approaching. As you celebrate the coming holiday, we hope you will take a moment to reflect on our nation's rich history and the principles on which it was founded.

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…" -The Declaration of Independence

"The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power." -Alexander Hamilton

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion...Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -John Adams

"Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers." -John Jay, First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

"Upon my arrival in the United States, the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention...The Americans combine the notions of Christianity and of liberty so intimately in their minds, that it is impossible to make them conceive the one without the other." -Alexis de Tocqueville, French Historian

"The religion which has introduced civil liberty, is the religion of Christ and his apostles, which enjoins humility, piety and benevolence; which acknowledges in every person a brother, or a sister, and a citizen with equal rights. This is genuine Christianity, and to this we owe our free constitutions of government." -Noah Webster

"And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever." -Thomas Jefferson

"Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." -George Washington

"Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants." -William Penn

"The Almighty God has blessed our land in many ways. He has given our people stout hearts and strong arms with which to strike mighty blows for freedom and truth. He has given to our country a faith which has become the hope of all peoples in an anguished world." -Franklin D. Roosevelt

"The right to freedom being the gift of the Almighty...The rights of the colonists as Christians...may be best understood by reading and carefully studying the institution of The Great Law Giver and Head of the Christian Church, which are to be found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament." -Samuel Adams

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do!" -Everett Hale, Chaplain of the United States Senate

"Almighty God...I yield thee humble and hearty thanks that thou has preserved me from the danger of the night past, and brought me to the light of the day, and the comforts thereof, a day which is consecrated to thine own service and for thine own honor. Let my heart, therefore, Gracious God, be so affected with the glory and majesty of it, that I may not do mine own works, but wait on thee, and discharge those weighty duties thou requirest of me. Give me grace to hear thee calling on me in thy word, that it may be wisdom, righteousness, reconciliation and peace to the saving of the soul in the day of the Lord Jesus. Grant that I may hear it with reverence, receive it with meekness, mingle it with faith, and that it may accomplish in me, Gracious God, the good work for which thou has sent it. Bless my family, kindred, friends and country, be our God and guide this day and for ever for His sake, who lay down in the Grave and arose again for us, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen." -From the Prayer Journal of George Washington

On behalf of everyone here at Koinonia House, we hope you have a safe and memorable 4th of July.

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Times Online June 23, 2006

H5N1 virus 'did mutate' in Indonesian family cluster
By Nigel Hawkes, Health Editor

THE avian flu virus that infected eight members of the same family in Indonesia last month — killing seven of them — underwent a small mutation as it swept through the family, the World Health Organisation has concluded.

But the mutation was not sufficient to turn the H5N1 virus into an easily-transmissible human form, the change that has been dreaded ever since the lethal form of H5N1 first appeared.

The conclusion emerged at the end of a three-day consultation in Jakarta that brought together experts from around the world to assess the situation in Indonesia, where avian flu has already killed 39 people.

The cluster of cases, the largest yet recorded, involved a family living in the village of Kubu Sembelang, in North Sumatra. The family lived in close proximity to one another, and the infection caught from birds by one family member spread to the others.

Keiji Fukuda, coordinator of the WHO’s global influenza programme, said that a woman who fell ill had remained in the same room as several family members. "So when she was coughing, they were very close to her, so there was close contact in a small room over many hours.

"We describe it as limited non-sustained transmission person-to-person," he said.

Virological analysis of samples showed that those from a 10 year-old boy were slightly different from the others. Such genetic shifts take place all the time with flu viruses.

Tim Uyeki, an epidemiologist from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the changes were small and that the H5N1 virus did not pass outside the cluster and died with the father.

"It stopped. It was dead end at that point," he said, stressing that there was no reason to raise alarm bells. More than a month has passed - more than twice the incubation period - since the father of the family was the last to die, with no new cases.

Aburizal Bakrie, Indonesia’s Welfare Minister, reinforced the message. "There is no sustained human-to-human transmission," he said.

However, the cluster is just the situation in which such a change could occur, and prompted the Indonesian Government to call the expert consultation. H5N1 avian virus is firmly entrenched in poultry flocks throughout much of the country, and continues to cause human cases among those in close contact with birds.

The more often clusters of this sort arise, the more probable becomes the transition of H5N1 avian flu into a pandemic human strain. The basic issue is the need to control avian flu, so that families like the ill-fated people in Kubu Sembelang cannot act as test-tubes in which the flu virus goes through its quick-change routines to emerge as a deadly pandemic strain.

Bird flu has killed at least 130 people worldwide since it appeared in Asian poultry stocks in late 2003.

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COLUMBUS, OH: Episcopalians refuse affirmation of Christ
Date 2006/6/20 23:40:00 | Topic: GC2006

COLUMBUS, OH: Episcopalians refuse affirmation of Christ

By Hans Zeiger
VirtueOnline Correspondent

COLUMBUS, OHIO (6/20/06)-The House of Deputies of the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church today overwhelmingly refused to even consider a resolution that affirmed Jesus Christ as the "only name by which any person may be saved."

"This type of language was used in 1920s and 1930s to alienate the type of people who were executed. It was called the Holocaust. I understand the intent, but I ask you to allow the discharge to stay," said the Rev. Eugene C. McDowell, a graduate of Yale Divinity School and Canon Theologian for the Diocese of North Carolina.

The convention's Committee on Evangelism first heard the resolution and discharged it to the chagrin of that committee's chairman, the Rev. Colenzo Hubbard, a noted evangelist and director of Emmanuel Episcopal Center in the Diocese of West Tennessee. The Rev. Hubbard motioned to lift the resolution from the discharge list, but after heated debate, more than seven tenths of the House of Deputies rejected the motion.

Drafted by the Rev. Guido Verbeck, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Western Louisiana, Resolution D058 declared the Episcopal Church's belief in an "unchanging commitment to Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the only name by which any person may be saved," and it acknowledged evangelism as "the solemn responsibility placed upon us to share Christ with all persons when we hear His words, 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No-one comes to the Father except through me' (John 14:6)."

The resolution further affirmed "the substitutionary essence of the Cross and the manifestation of God's unlimited and unending love for all persons," while calling on the Episcopal Church to renew its Scripture-based witness to "all persons."

The Rev. Hubbard said that he voted for the resolution in committee because of his simple responsibility as a Christian. Hubbard quoted several verses of Scripture to demonstrate his conviction. "I do agree that Jesus Christ is both the substitutionary essence of the Cross and the manifestation of God's unlimited and unending love for all persons," said Hubbard, once a star on the University of Alabama football team.

Echoing Hubbard, Canon Dr. Kendall Harmon, a leading conservative in the denomination, argued for a "reaffirmation of what some have called 'the scandal of particularity' of the Cross."

Judy Mayo from the Diocese of Fort Worth also opposed discharge. "My friends, this is a church convention, and this is the very essence of our faith. This may be the most important thing we deal with at this entire convention...Surely we can say together that Jesus Christ is Lord. And if we can't, we have no reason to be here."

But liberals outnumbered Hubbard, Harman, and Mayo by far.

The Rev. McDowell of the Diocese of North Carolina told VirtueOnline after the floor vote, "In the Episcopal Church we don't do up and down votes on Jesus Christ as Lord, and to do so is potentially a mean-spirited approach, to ask questions that aren't meant to be questions."

McDowell explained that how one lives his life is the more important issue than whether one affirms Jesus as Lord. To place a statement of belief over actions is the essence of "self-righteousness," he said. "Actions speak louder than proclamations...What Jesus calls us to do is to live our lives."

McDowell outlined his basic theology of grace: "Salvation by grace is remembering that we are the children of a living God. Grace is already there. And salvation is realizing we now live into that salvation. And sanctification is the transforming of my life from one that's me-centered to one that's God-centered."

But to acknowledge the exclusive Lordship of Christ in a resolution would be too much for McDowell and the majority of deputies at the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

The Rev. Robert Certain of the Diocese of San Diego told the House of Deputies that he refused to consider the resolution because the General Convention of 1982 had endorsed salvation through Christ alone, and a resolution was unnecessary.

But the message was clear to the Rev. Donald Perschall, rector of St. John's Episcopal Church in Centralia, Illinois, as he left the convention hall Tuesday, shocked by the events of the day. "On top of leaving the Anglican Communion, we've decided to leave Jesus Christ behind as well."

It was not a surprise vote though; the liberalization of the Episcopal Church predates 1982. Episcopalians have made it clear by their rejection of traditional marriage and other recent innovations that a new set of principles now dominate the Episcopal Church. Though the trend toward liberalism in the Episcopal Church has been ongoing for decades, it was in 2003 that the consecration of a homosexual as Bishop of New Hampshire crystallized the departure of the denomination from its bearings in classical Anglicanism.

Dr. Michael Howell of the Diocese of Southwestern Florida and a member of the Special Committee that deliberated the Convention's response to the global Anglican Communion's Windsor Report, told VirtueOnline that the discharge of Resolution D058 is "very much related" to the failure of Resolution A161 moments earlier.

A161 would place a moratorium on the consecration of homosexual bishops and the blessing of homosexual unions in a minimal effort to comply with the Windsor Report. It was soundly defeated on the floor of the House of Deputies Tuesday.

"If we cannot affirm the unique salvific power of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are no longer a Christian church." Switching to a sarcastic tone, Howell declared, "We have no need for a Creed. Why do again what we did in the past?"

"This clearly shows that we are of a mind that does not affirm Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And we should not be surprised that our church is dying spiritually," said Howell.

The final tally on the electronic vote was 70.5 percent for discharge (675 votes) and just 29.5 (242 votes) to consider the resolution affirming Jesus Christ as Lord.

FULL TEXT RESOLUTION D058 SALVATION THROUGH CHRIST ALONE Discharged in committee. Discharge upheld by House of Deputies, 75th General Convention.

Resolved, the House of _____ concurring, That the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church declares its unchanging commitment to Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the only name by which any person may be saved (Article XVIII); and be it further Resolved, That we acknowledge the solemn responsibility placed upon us to share Christ with all persons when we hear His words, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

No-one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6); and be it further Resolved, That we affirm that in Christ there is both the substitutionary essence of the Cross and the manifestation of God's unlimited and unending love for all persons; and be it further Resolved, That we renew our dedication to be faithful witnesses to all persons of the saving love of God perfectly and uniquely revealed in Jesus and upheld by the full testimony of Holy Scripture.

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Waiting for Islam's Messiah - By George Thomas – QOM, Iran -- Iran's president believes Allah has chosen him to prepare the world for the coming of an Islamic 'savior' called the Mahdi.

But before the Mahdi's return, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes there must be global chaos – even if he has to create it himself.

Whether it's his belief that Israel should be wiped off the map, denials of the Holocaust, obsession with going nuclear, or support for radical Islamic terrorist groups, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a man on a divine mission.

To understand him, and that mission, you have travel to the small dusty village of Jamkaran tucked in a corner of Iran's holy city of Qom.

On a recent Tuesday afternoon, CBN News made that journey heading south out of Iran's capital, Tehran. Some 95 miles, and a couple of wrong turns later, we arrived at the Jamkaran mosque on the outskirts of Qom.

Behind the Jamkaran mosque there is a well. According to many Shiite Muslims, out of this well will emerge one day their version of an Islamic 'savior.'

They call him the Mahdi or the 12th Imam.

Ron Cantrell has written a book about the Mahdi. He explained, "The Mahdi is a personage that is expected to come on the scene, by Islam, as a messiah figure. He is slotted to come in the end of time, according to their writings, very much like how we think of the return of Jesus."

Shiite Muslims believe the Mahdi, a descendent of the Prophet Mohammed, vanished in the middle of the 9th century.

Cantrell told us, "The 12th Imam disappeared, around the age of 9, with a promise that he would return and he would bring Islam to its total fruition as the world's last standing religion."

Enter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Since becoming the president of Iran in August 2005, Ahmadinejad has emerged as the Mahdi's most influential follower.

Cantrell said, "He [Ahmadinejad] has stated that his mandate is to pave the way for the coming of this Islamic 'messiah'."

In almost all his speeches, Ahmadinejad begs Allah to hasten the return of the Mahdi. At a recent military parade attended by CBN News in Tehran, Ahmadinejad said, "Oh, Allah, please facilitate Imam Mahdi's early return and make us one of his supporters."

He said something similar last September just before ending a speech at the United Nations in New York.

Ahmadinejad said, "Oh mighty Lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository [a reference to the Mahdi], the promised one, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace."

A few days later, back home in Iran, Ahmadinejad told a group of religious leaders that during his UN speech, he felt a 'bright light' around him.

His reactions were captured on video and later posted on a conservative Iranian website.

Ahmadinejad said, "I felt it myself. I felt that the atmosphere suddenly changed, and for those 27 or 28 minutes, all the leaders of the world did not blink. When I say they didn't move an eyelid, I'm not exaggerating. They were looking as if a hand was holding them there, and had just opened their eyes to the message of the Islamic Republic."

Ahmadinejad is reportedly tied to a radical Islamic society in Iran that believes man can hasten the appearance of the Mahdi by creating chaos in the world.

Cantrell explained, "Ahmadinejad has stated that this chaos must take place before the Mahdi can come on the scene."

Some wonder if Ahmadinejad believes these are 'the end times,' and whether his calls for the destruction of Israel and nuclear pursuits are ways to accelerate the divine timetable.

Cantrell further explained, "With him it is a win-win situation. If we attack him, he wins because chaos happens. If we don't attack him, he gets to create the chaos which he has said he is willing to do and he will do."

In Shiite Muslim teaching, the Mahdi's second coming will be marked by apocalyptic times. Wars, famines and floods will ravage the earth and then comes judgment day and a battle between good and evil.

As the sun dips behind the mountains that surround Jamkaran, the faithful, many of whom voted for Ahmadinejad, arrive by the thousands from across Iran to pray for the Mahdi's return.

Ezatallah Alimoradi, a follower of the Mahdi, said, "I feel so refreshed in my spirit when I come here to Jamkaran."

Akram Alsadat Emmami, Follower of Mahdi, said, "This day belongs to the Mahdi and I've come to share my heart with him."

The night begins with a visit to the sacred well. CBN News is given a rare opportunity to visit with people praying there. The opening of the well is covered by a green-like metal box to prevent people from jumping in.

Most of the time here is spent praying and kissing the metal box. Others scribble prayer requests to the Mahdi on pieces of paper that are then dropped into the well.

A man asked the Mahdi to forgive his sins.

A man, Follower of Mahdi said, "If you ask in the right way, your prayers will be answered."

Another person seeks healing for family members.

Emmami explained, "I don't come here just to pray for myself. I also ask the Mahdi to take care of my family and their needs."

Many, like this young boy with a flashlight, believe the Mahdi is actually hiding at the bottom of the well reading those prayer requests.

Abbas Rezaie, Follower of Mahdi, told us, "I was looking into the well with my flashlight hoping to see the Mahdi. But not to tonight."

Shia tradition teaches that if you come to Jamkaran 40 weeks in a row, you will "see" the Mahdi.

A Woman who did not give her name said, "I have not had the privilege to see him yet, but I've had many dreams about him. In one of my dreams I saw a big bright light in the sky and this figure standing over me."

The next few hours are spent praying inside the Jamkaran mosque.

I stood at the entrance to the Jamkaran mosque; and I've been told that as a non-Muslim I am not allowed to go inside the mosque. The truth is every day, tens of thousands of men and women come through this mosque to say their prayers but also to pray that one day soon the Mahdi would return."

Nedal said, "And because we believe that he is going to come back soon we can believe in heaven and hell and we can believe in the life after death."

Ahmadinejad's government reportedly gave $20 million to help renovate the Jamkaran mosque. There are rumors that he's planning to build a railway line connecting Tehran and Jamkaran, to ferry the faithful.

And apparently Ahmadinejad has also drawn up the plans for the road the Mahdi will take when he returns.

Cantrell said, "...that will actually serve as the red carpet rolled out in Iran for the Mahdi to appear."

And if all this wasn't mystical enough, there's also the belief that when the Mahdi comes back, he will be accompanied by Jesus Christ.

Cantrell further explained, "The Mahdi will take Jesus to Mecca, they will circum-ambulate the Kabah together. The Mahdi will teach Jesus to pray; at which time Jesus will then replace the Gospel with the Koran, and then all of us Christians, wherever you are on the face of the earth, will convert to Islam because Islam will be deemed the one lasting pure religion."

As the West drifts closer to a potential showdown over Iran's nuclear program, followers of the Mahdi are getting ready for judgment day.

And many of them are convinced that President Ahmadinjead will fulfill his divine mission to prepare the world for the coming of the Islamic 'savior.'


Bird flu fears close second P.E.I. farm
Jun. 18, 2006. 08:12 PM

A second Prince Edward Island farm has been placed under a quarantine order as a precautionary measure as authorities investigate the finding of an H5 avian flu virus in a domestic goose in that province.

An official of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the move was taken when investigators learned there was traffic of people and perhaps poultry between the two farms, which both had free-range backyard flocks.

Ottawa-based Dr. Jim Clark said no birds from the second farm have displayed signs of illness and for the time being, authorities have not ordered their destruction.

Clark, who is the national manager of CFIA's avian influenza working group, said a post-mortem examination of the goose that tested positive for the H5 virus did not reveal what killed the bird.

The bird was one of four geese in a mixed flock that died last Monday. Chickens in the same flock did not die, leading investigators to believe the virus was not highly pathogenic.

The Asian H5N1 virus that has infected at least 227 people over the past 2-1/2 years — killing 129 of them — is a highly pathogenic virus.

The CFIA's National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases in Winnipeg is working to confirm that the virus is actually an H5 and to further categorize it to determine whether it is the Asian H5N1 virus.

Clark said the lab may have some answers by late Tuesday or Wednesday, but it will take about another week to determine the subtype of the neuraminidase — the N in a flu virus's name.

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Presbyterians Study Gender-Inclusive Terms

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - Delegates of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are to tackle whether to adopt gender-inclusive language for worship of the divine Trinity along with the traditional "Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

A study panel said the classical language for the Trinity shouldn't be diminished, but advocated "fresh ways to speak of the mystery of the triune God" to "expand the church's vocabulary of praise and wonder."

One reason is that language limited to the Father and Son "has been used to support the idea that God is male and that men are superior to women," the panel said.

Conservatives object that the church should stick close to the way God is named in the Bible.

Among the feminist-inspired, gender-inclusive options:

- "Mother, Child and Womb"

- "Lover, Beloved, Love"

- "Creator, Savior, Sanctifier"

- "Rock, Redeemer, Friend"

- "King of Glory, Prince of Peace, Spirit of Love."

Two professors at the Presbyterians' Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Andrew Purves and Charles Partee, said there is potential danger that "we not only lose the ground for our language for God, we in fact lose the Trinity. We lose God."

"We do not need a diluted, metaphorical Trinity; rather, we need our confidence in the Christian doctrine of God to be restored," they said.

Other critics noted that Jesus' most famous prayer begins by addressing "Our Father."

On Tuesday the assembly takes up another dispute that has the potential to ultimately split the denomination: a bill to give local congregations and regional "presbyteries" some leeway in deciding whether to ordain clergy and lay officers living in gay relationships.

Ten conservative Presbyterian groups have warned jointly that approval of what they call "local option" would "promote schism by permitting the disregard of clear standards of Scripture."

A separate floor committee voted 30-28 to keep on the books the national church law mandating that lay officers and clergy restrict sexual activity to heterosexual marriage.

Presbyterians have debated sexual morals since a 1970 assembly agreed by a tiny majority that "adultery, prostitution, fornication and/or the practice of homosexuality is sin."

In a 1997 referendum, 57 percent of regional presbyteries approved the existing ban as church law. Two bids to overturn it were defeated by 67 percent, then 73 percent of presbyteries.

Conservatives say the Tuesday proposal is an illicit bid to rewrite legal policy and circumvent presbytery voting. Liberal caucuses have also complained because the plan leaves what they regard as injustice in church law.

This month, the denomination reported a net loss of 48,474 members since last year, the 40th annual decline in a row, leaving 2.3 million active members.

Finances got a bit boost with Thursday's announcement that businessman Stanley W. Anderson, a Denver Presbyterian, contributed $150 million to aid struggling congregations and start new ones.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Pandemic is likely
World Health Organization says it is just a matter of time before Avian Flu strikes

Elaine Pennington, Editor
Sunday June 11, 2006
Camrose Canadian — East Central Health, the province and the federal government are doing everything possible to ensure they are prepared for the worst possible case of a pandemic flu outbreak.
Camrose physician Dr. Diane Wong told Camrose Chamber of Commerce members that whether we like it or not, a pandemic outbreak of influenza is just around the corner.


“In a nutshell it will be the biggest disaster of our time,” Wong said, comparing the pandemic to a hurricane hitting every major city, small city, town and village in the country. “It will last for months and maybe even years.”
While some people have been suspicious that fears of a pandemic are simply a hoax or have been overblown, “every health expert thinks that it’s not if, but when it’s going to happen. Don’t just take my word for it, read the newspapers, try to get your information from the real top sources.”
As waves of fear swept through the assembled business and political leaders, Wong compared the human flu that strikes every year, but that rarely leads to death, to a pandemic outbreak which is created by a mutation of bird flu and the human flu virus.
“A pandemic is a vicious kind of flu that happens every 30 to 40 years,” Wong said, noting we are now on the outer limit of that cycle. She added that in the case of pandemic flu it will strike the young and elderly, but also “healthy young people.”
Normally the death rate from influenza is less than .1 per cent, however in a pandemic that rises to 2.5 per cent of those who fall sick. She said with the pandemic flu, symptoms include bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth, lungs drowning in fluid, brain swelling and skin turning purple and then black before the victim dies.
The Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918-19 “was the worst natural disaster in human history. There was one town in Alaska where 75 per cent of the community died.”
The world’s population at the time was 1.8 billion and of those, one billion got sick with Spanish Flu. “That’s four times the number of deaths of World War I, in one quarter of the time... 824 people died in Winnipeg and it was twice the size of Camrose (now) at that time.”
A pandemic appears three or four times every century as influenza develops the ability to jump from the animal kingdom to humans. While precautions have been taken and people are encouraged to wash their hands regularly, cover their mouth when they cough, the avian flu is moving steadily westward from China, Russia and Hong Kong and is now into Europe. To date is has not been identified in North America, but it is just a matter of time. It is inevitable, Wong admitted.
The recent earthquake in Indonesia has created a hot bed for an outbreak. The country had several human deaths after people had contact with infected birds and as a result of the earthquake many survivors are now sleeping in their chicken coops on H5N1 infested feces.
East Central Health suggests businesses start putting in place a plan to ensure they are ready in case a pandemic breaks out. First, plan for the impact of a pandemic on the business. Check that existing contingency plans are applicable to a pandemic. In particular, check to see that core business activities can be sustained over several weeks.
Identify other critical inputs (i.e. raw materials, suppliers, sub-contractors), services/products and logistics required to maintain business operations by location and function during a pandemic.
Determine which outside activities are critical to maintaining operations and develop alternatives in case they cannot function normally.


Plan accordingly for possible short interruptions of essential services like sanitation, water, power, and disruptions to the food supply.
Identify your company’s essential functions and the individuals who perform them. The absence of these individuals could seriously impair business continuity. Build in the training redundancy necessary to ensure that their work can be done in the event of an absentee rate of 25 to 35 per cent.


In the Camrose trading area of 104,000 people Wong said, businesses and governments can expect to see “31,200 ill.”
The key to reducing the risk is maintaining a healthy work environment by encouraging healthy behaviours at all times and posting tips on how to stop the spread of germs at work.
“Use waterless soaps - handwashing it is so basic, but it’s true,” Wong said.

Develop a policy

Establish or expand policies and tools that enable employees to work from home with appropriate security and network access to applications, if possible.
Expand online and self-service options for customers and business partners, if possible.


Communicate with and educate your employees. Tell the workforce about the threat of pandemic influenza and the steps the company is taking to prepare for it. In emergencies, employees demonstrate an increased tendency to listen to their employer so clear and frequent communication is essential. Encourage personal preparedness.
Update sick leave and family and medical leave policies and communicate with employees about the importance of staying away from the workplace if they become ill.
Visit or for more information on the pandemic or avian flu.


Global Markets Plunge on Fed Worries
Jun 13 9:35 AM US/Eastern


Renewed worries over the outlook for U.S. interest rates sent global markets tumbling again on Tuesday, with the Japanese stock market plunging more than 4 percent, its biggest one-day loss in two years.

In Bombay, Indian shares plummeted 4.5 percent to their lowest point this year. South Korean shares dropped 2.9 percent, while Hong Kong plunged 2.5 percent.

European stocks opened sharply lower, with mining and technology stocks leading the decliners. London's FTSE 100 index dropped 1.4 percent, the German DAX Xetra 30 index fell 1.7 percent, and the French CAC-40 index slipped 1.6 percent.

Investors across Asia dumped stocks on speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve might raise interest rates later this month, stoking fears of an economic slowdown in the U.S., the biggest export market for many Asian countries. A decline Monday on Wall Street also hurt sentiment.

Such concerns have roiled Asian markets in recent weeks, sparking a similar broad sell-off on Thursday. Until early May, they were among the world's best-performing markets this year.

The market's plunge comes as investors around the world anxiously await U.S. inflation data due out Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Wall Street is expecting a blood bath for inflation figures, and that's spooking foreign investors in Japan who are selling their most liquid holdings, like tech stocks, as they price this in," said Ben Hao, head of equity trading at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in Tokyo.

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King added to investor nerves by signaling that the bank might be ready to boost interest rates after holding them steady at 4.5 percent for 10 months.

King said Monday the global economy was facing a "bumpier stretch of the road" and said monetary police may have been "too accommodative."

In Tokyo, the Nikkei 225 index fell 614.41 points, or 4.14 percent, to finish at 14,218.60 points, the lowest close since Nov. 16, 2005. It was the biggest percentage loss in a single day since May 10, 2004, and the biggest point drop since Sept. 12, 2001, after the terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Blue-chip technology stocks such as Sharp Corp. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. were hit particularly hard.

Hong Kong's blue-chip Hang Seng Index fell 387.02 points, or 2.5 percent, to 15,234.42 points. Chinese financial stocks, previously highly favored by retail and institutional investors, were among the most active and heavily sold stocks.

Indian shares, among those hit the hardest in recent weeks, fell sharply again, with the benchmark Sensex index falling 414 points, or 4.4 percent, to 9,063, its lowest point this year.

South Korean shares plunged 2.9 percent to a more than seven-month low, taking cues from declines on Wall Street and in the region. Australia's stock market slumped 2.56 percent, its biggest one-day fall since September 2001 amid continued nervousness in global markets ahead of U.S. inflation data.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


ndonesia probably first to report human-spread bird flu
Posted on : 2006-06-10 | Author : Thomas Blythe
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JAKARTA: The first instances of human-to-human bird flu transmission probably occurred in Indonesia, according to a minister of the archipelago nation.

Aburizal Bakrie, coordinating minister for people's welfare, said yesterday that the seven cluster cases of H5N1 positive reported last month included the first cases of human-to-human transmission. The minister was speaking at a meeting to announce a nationwide campaign to prevent an outbreak and prepare for a pandemic.

Attendees at the meeting included representatives of the WHO, UNICEF, Food and Agriculture Organization and officials from the National Commission on Bird Flu and health and agricultural ministries. Other officials did not agree with Bakrie's statement and offered a more careful assessment of the situation.

With 50 confirmed cases of H5N1 and 37 deaths from it, Indonesia is second only to Vietnam which reported the highest number of cases. A few cases have been identified in some Indonesian provinces and regions such as Banten, Tangerang, Lampung, North Sumatra, West Java and Jakarta. Poultry infections were detected in 29 of its 33 provinces.

The government swung into action last month prompted by a report about a 7-member family in a North Sumatra village. All the members of the family showed similar symptoms which triggered fears about a human-to-human transmission pandemic. It was the single largest incident that indicated possibility of human-to-human chain of infection.

Emil Agustiono, representing the National Commission on Bird Flu said Aburizal's statement cannot be confirmed without adequate research. Hariadi Wibisono, an official of the health ministry said Indonesia faced a bigger threat from infected poultry not human-to-human transmission.

It is believed that the human cases could allow the H5N1 strain virus to mutate into a more deadly form and spread more rapidly.

Aburizal said his office planned to cull all poultry within one kilometer radius of the area believed to be infected. He would also enforce the 1984 Epidemic Law and the 1967 Infectious Disease Control Law, which meant anybody trying to stop officials from killing their chicken would be dealt with strictly.

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The major requirement for the return of Christ is a world at peace
and this is the objective of the U.N.

The United Nations is a place of convergence for the dreams and prayers of all people for a better world. It constitutes one of the greatest and most exciting attempts at total human fulfillment in the entire evolution of the species. The Charter of the U.N. is the Ten Commandments of nation-states.

The Meditation Room at the United Nations was first established by a lay Christian organization, and re-modeled by Dag Hammarskjöld, a former Secretary-General, who called it a 'Room of Quiet'. It was thought that the 'house', the council of nations, dedicated to work and debate in the service of peace, should have one room dedicated to silence in the outward sense and stillness in the inner sense.

U Thant, another Secretary-General, spoke of the Buddhist conception of meditation as - 'a cleansing of the mind of impurities and cultivating such qualities as concentration, awareness, intelligence and tranquility, leading finally to the attainment of the highest wisdom'. For him the solution to many of the national and international problems rested in the practise of brotherhood; in other words, goodwill.

Dr. Robert Muller, Secretary of ECOSOC, speaking at the 20th Anniversary of the U.N. Meditation Room said, 'Meditation, prayer, dream, hope, vision, guidance, foreseeing and planning all go hand in hand in so many different ways at the U.N. For me the tall building of the U.N. is an edifice of human hope and dream jutting into the universe and receiving from that universe increasingly clearer messages. Perhaps we have reached a time of cosmic evolution. Little by little, a planetary prayer book is being composed by an increasingly united humanity seeking its oneness, its happiness, its consciousness and its full participation in the continuous process of creation'.

Once again, but this time on a universal scale, mankind is seeking no less than its reunion with the 'divine', its transcendence into even higher forms of life.

Andrew Young, the United States permanent representative to the U.N., speaking of the Meditation Room said: 'I pray that the tranquility of the "Room of Quiet" transcends throughout the world and provides the inspiration for peace and brotherhood'-Goodwill.

In the center of the Meditation Room there is a large ironstone rock. Upon this central block streams a shaft of light from an unseen source. A symbol of man's hope for 'light or understanding' to flood the 'world of misunderstanding'. It symbolizes the light of or divine Wisdom that we can invoke upon the affairs of the world; how the light of the spirit gives life to matter. 'From the point of Light within the mind of God, Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let light descend on Earth.'

The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, says: 'The expression of divine love is still in the making and few there are that understand the true meaning of the word. But speaking symbolically-when the U.N. has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? What are right human relations but love among men, groups and nations? What is international cooperation but love on a world scale? Those are the things which the love of God in Christ expressed and those are the things which we are working here today (through the U.N.) to bring into being. We are attempting to do it on a vast scale. These are the things which the Hierarchy is aiding and will continue to aid.'

In Discipleship in the New Age The Tibetan Master introduces an exciting thought: 'Within the U.N. is the germ and the seed of a great international and meditating, reflective group - a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity.'

Hierarchy Working Through U.N.

In further reference to the U.N., Alice A. Bailey in The Reappearance of the Christ said, 'The Hierarchy is at this time attempting to channel the forces of reconstruction into the Assembly of the United Nations. (The forces of reconstruction are related to the Will aspect of divinity and are effective mainly in relation to those entities, which we call nations.) The use of these impersonal energies is dependent on the quality and the nature of the recipient nation; on its measure of true enlightenment and on its point in evolution. Nations are the expression today of the massed self-centredness of a people and of their instinct to self-preservation. The main object of the Hierarchy is so to distribute these constructive energies that the theory of unity may slowly be turned into practice and the word "United" may come to have a true significance and meaning.' Also in The Reappearance of the Christ it is stated that the one who works to produce at-one-ment, unification and fusion is generating a slowly growing will-to-unity within the Assembly of the United Nations. This being can only channel His energies through the mass consciousness or through a group conscious entity, such as the U.N.

The U.N. may be looked upon as the meeting house of nations, the house of goodwill, humanity's council 'house', and stands for the unity of nations. From a down to earth view it may be considered as a world unity. Viewed esoterically, unity is at-one-ness, wholeness, to know God as the Eternal Cause and Source of all. It may also be referred to as the Kingdom of God or the Father's House. So through unity there is a relationship between the Father's House and the U.N.-humanity's 'house'.

Let us now consider some thoughts on the reappearance of the Christ in relation to the U.N. The Tibetan Master has said it is in the hands of the masses of right thinking people in every land that the salvation of the world lies and by them the preparatory work for the coming of the Christ will be done. The Tibetan Master says He will come when mankind is ready. It may not be unreasonable to suppose that the Christ may return to Earth through the ' house' of the nations. If He wishes to reach the people of all nations, what better place than the focal point of the nations, humanity's point of tension-the U.N.? Perhaps this may be thought of as 'the Son returns to the Father's House'. Again it would not be beyond reason to expect that one of the first places He would visit would be the U.N., to see how, through humanity, the plan is working out. Perhaps Dag Hammarskjöld and U Thant may be considered as forerunners, as 20th Century John the Baptists.

The Tibetan Master says 'that when Christ comes from the Place of Power bringing His Disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, with Him, that place of Love and Power will be situated on Earth and will be publicly recognized; the effects of that appearance and that recognition will be terrific'.

The major requirement for the return of the Christ is a world at peace and this is the objective of the U.N. However, that peace must be based on an educated goodwill, which will lead to right human relations, and therefore to the establishment of lines of light between nation and nation.

Let us consider this: 'The Son of God is on His way and He cometh not alone, His advance guard is already here and the Plan which they must follow is already made and clear. Let recognition be the aim.' Pondering on this, in relation to the U.N., can lead to some interesting thoughts.

The following is from a recent issue of Triangles Bulletin No. 47:

There is much preparatory work to be undertaken by humanity itself before the Christ can reappear to establish His work at the opening of the Aquarian era. It is not the functioning of the Christ to correct the mistakes made by humanity over the centuries or to put right the inequities and imbalance of the present world order. He will not attempt to solve the complex problems of world hunger, world poverty, disarmament, or of the international ' political, economic and social systems. We have ourselves created these problems and they are not beyond the ingenuity and capability of human hearts and minds, when we care enough and are willing to accept the sacrifice of selfishness needed for united world action. It is the spiritual right and the spiritual responsibility of humanity to set its own house in order.

This work is being undertaken and carried forward by the U.N.

The article goes on to say that 'the Christ will add a new element to His work - the Spiritual Will, the Will-to-good, the principle needed for synthesised, unified world action. These principles and energies will be interpreted and applied by the Christ and His group of world workers to world reorganisation and world planning according to the new growth possible under the influence of Aquarius'. Again-what more appropriate centre than the U.N.?

Some further points for consideration: the U.N. was formed in June 1945 with one of its main objectives being the establishment of right human relations. In June 1945, the Christ announced that He had decided to emerge again into physical contact with humanity, if they would bring about the initial stages of establishing right human relations. Also in June 1945, at the time of the Full Moon of the Christ, He gave to humanity a world prayer-the Great Invocation. To consider the Great Invocation, line by line, in relation to the U.N. can be most exciting and rewarding thought expansion.

The exact time and place for the Christ's reappearance are not yet known to humanity, He will appear when and where the definite work of preparation has created suitable conditions, in the meantime, preparation must go on. At the present the best chance of the plan of light and love working out, is through the U.N. If the evocative appeal from the men [and women] of goodwill is strong enough, may it be that the Christ will return through the United Nations?

1By Brian Arrowsmith, from the Beacon, May-June, 1980, pp. 285-287. For suggested Meditations, see Roundtable, "Esoteric Meditation" and Summary Report "Public Meditation."

* Christ is one of the names by which the Awaited World Spiritual Teacher is referred. This Planetary Teacher is also known by such names as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi and the Bodhisattva.

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6.6.06. I use a two code system to reveal the Name and Identity of Antichrist. The Alpha-Numerical Code in Revelation 13 and The Bible Code.


JUNE 6 2006
6 - 6- 6


Here is wisdom, Let he who has understanding calcuate the number of The Beast, for his number is that of a Man and his number is six hundred and sixty six (666). (Rev:13:16-18).

"THE OMEN" movie (remake) has been released today on June 6, 2006 (666) as part of an ongoing deception By Hollywood since 1973 to paint the "Antichrist" as Billionaire Corporate Chairman with political ambitions.

The Christian "Elite" such as Hal Lindsay, John Haggee and Tim La Haye (Left Behind Books) have also added to this deception, portraying Antichrist as a Politician or a Political Dictator, to help blind the world to the true Identity of The Antichrist.
Back in 1982, The Lord revealed to me who Antichrist (The Beast) is. For the next 24 years, I watched his following grow into a global cult and I realized this person truly is The Antichrist, The Son of Satan, the "awaited one" and many are being deceived.

I believe God has led me to wait until the right time to reveal this information and JUNE 6 2006 (6.6.06.) is this right time and day.

The Bible Code shows 2006 (5766) encoded with YEAR OF THE BEAST, and it truly is as now for 2006 AD you will know the True Identity and name of The Antichrist.

"Antichrist" (The Beast) does not come onto the world scene as a Politician in a three piece suit, as a man with all of the answers and a plan for world peace.

Satan will send The Antichrist as His False Christ, as a Counterfeit Messiah wearing a white robe.


Antichrist will claim to called by many names, Krishna to The Hindus, Emmanuel (Messiah) to The Jews, Maitreya to The Buddhists, Iman Mahdi to The Moslems and "Christ" to the one billion Catholics & Christians.

Antichrist will claim to be The "Savior" of the lesser known religions as well, SAYOSHANT To Zoroasterism, THE BEAST to The Satanists, MITHRA & HERMES to The Illuminati, The Great Lord to the Witches, The Return of QUEZECOATAL (Mayans) and The GREAT WHITE BROTHER of Hopi Indian Prophecy and the Egyptian god, OSIRUS, resurrected from the dead.



And in less than a month's time, Antichrist (The Beast) will Unite all of the world's religions, "Together as One", the fullfilment of the ancient Prophecy and Warning.


My study and research into the Occult world tells us that Antichrist will use his Buddha name, as his personal name and that is,


And in his personal name, herein rests The Wisdom and Understanding that The Bible speaks of.


Here is wisdom, Let he who
understanding calcuate the
number of The Beast, for his
number is that of a Man and
his number is six hundred and
sixty six (666).

The wisdom is knowing what Language to use as ancient Alphabets give a numerical value for each letter.


MAITREYA is the the 5th and Coming Buddha, The Buddha of Compassion.


MAITREYA is the name of The Antichrist, The Beast of Rev:13




There are seven variations to The Hebrew Spelling of the name, MAITREYA and all seven Calculate to six hundred & sixty six = 666.

What is more amazing is that all seven, Hebrew spellings (pronunciations) of the name, MAITREYA are also found in The Bible Code.



MUM=40, ALEPH=1, TET=9, TAV=400, RUSH=200, YOD=10, HEI=5, ALEPH=1 = 666 = six hundred and sixty six (666).



MUM=40, ALEPH=1, TET=9, TAV=400, RUSH=200, YOD=10, ALEPH=1, HEI=5 = 666 = six hundred and sixty six (666).

BIBLE CODE:GEN:27:43: THE BEAST (3x), WICKEDNESS, EVIL (16x), FALSE (2x), MESSIAH-CHRIST (1x), NAZI (1x), UFO (9x), ARRIVAL (32x) COMES in (3x), SPEECHES (5x)


MUM=40, ALEPH=1, TAV=400, RUSH=200, YOD=10, YOD=10, HEI=5 = 666 = six hundred and sixty six (666).



MUM=40, ALEPH=1, YOD=10, TAV=400, RUSH=200, YOD=10, HEI=5 = 666 = six hundred and sixty six (666).



MUM=40, YOD=10, TAV=400, RUSH=200, ALEPH=1, YOD=10, HEI=5 = 666 = six hundred and sixty six (666).



MUM=40, YOD=10, TAV=400, RUSH=200, YOD=10, ALEPH=1, HEI=5 = 666 = six hundred and sixty six (666).



MUM=40, YOD=10, TAV=400, RUSH=200, YOD=10, HEI=5, ALEPH=1 = 666 = six hundred and sixty six (666).


JUNE 6 2006

Important Note: for all who have watched THE OMEN movie too many times or are caught-up in the twisted Theology of "Left Behind" Books, and have accused President Bush of being The "Antichrist", the name, GEORGE BUSH (calculates to) 520 in Hebrew.

GEORGE WALKER BUSH (calculates to) either 782 or 862 depending upon the letter used for "K" in the Hebrew Alphabet.

For all of THE OMEN fans, "DAMIEN THORN" actually calculates to either 376 or 306 (in Hebrew).

And for the record, to many accusers and detractors, my name, HARRY WALTHER calculates to 466 in Hebrew.


MAITREYA, the name of The Antichrist, calculating to six hundred and sixty six (666) in The Hebrew Alphabet has a deep and dark meaning. In ancient Hebrew, numbers also have a spiritual symbolism. 1 = Beginning, 3 = God or Godhead, 6 = Man (imperfection), 7 = Completion, 12 = Holy Order. 666 = MAN AS GOD, MAN AS THE GODHEAD, Man as his own (1) Creator, (2) Savior, (3) Enlightenment.

The name of MAITREYA calculates to 666 because he is The Ultimate Abomination, a Man claiming to be “God Incarnate”, Divinity in human form.

MAITREYA will also add to this Abomination when he claims it is the destiny for all of Humanity to become a god, he will simply show us the way. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the same exact lie The Serpent (Satan) told Eve in The Garden of Eden, “You shall be as gods”.

Antichrist will repeat and teach this ancient Lie (from Genesis) at the Time of The End, at The Revelation. (“man as god” is also the crux of all occult religions including Esoteric Buddhism, Gnosticism and all forms of Satanism, Man as 666).




JUNE 6 2006



note: You have permission to post the Text Information on this page (right side table only) as To The Identity of Antichrist, His Name and and my Mathematical Calculations (of the number of The Beast) on your web site provided 1). you quote myself, HARRY WALTHER and our site, as the source of this material and 2). you have a non profit, read-for free only site.

You do not have permission, written or otherwise to copy the images on this page or copy the text and/or images and place this information in a book, published pamplet or movie screenplay or documentary. To copy and post this material on your site or book as your own "revelation" is lying and stealing from GOD and that is not a place where anyone wants to find themselves. FOR THOSE WHO COMMIT THIS THEFT WILL ASSURE THEMSELVES A FRONT ROW SEAT IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION. So do the right thing and help us warn the Churches and the world. Peace. (Harry Walther).







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June 4, 2006
Human Flu Transfers May Exceed Reports

In the wake of a cluster of avian flu cases that killed seven members of a rural Indonesian family, it appears likely that there have been many more human-to-human infections than the authorities have previously acknowledged.

The numbers are still relatively small, and they do not mean that the virus has mutated to pass easily between people — a change that could touch off a worldwide epidemic. All the clusters of cases have been among relatives or in nurses who were in long, close contact with patients.

But the clusters — in Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Vietnam — paint a grimmer picture of the virus's potential to pass from human to human than is normally described by public health officials, who usually say such cases are "rare."

Until recently, World Health Organization representatives have said there were only two or three such cases. On May 24 Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, estimated that there had been "at least three." Then, last Tuesday, Maria Cheng, a W.H.O. spokeswoman, said there were "probably about half a dozen." She added, "I don't think anybody's got a solid number."

And Dr. Angus Nicoll, chief of flu activities at the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, acknowledged that "we are probably underestimating the extent of person-to-person transmission."

The handful of cases usually cited, he said, are "just the open-and-shut ones," like the infections of nurses in the 1997 Hong Kong outbreak and of a Bangkok office worker who died in 2004 after tending her daughter who fell sick on an aunt's farm.

Most clusters are hard to investigate, he said, because they may not even be noticed until a victim is hospitalized, and are often in remote villages where people fear talking. Also, he said, by the time doctors from Geneva arrive to take samples, local authorities "have often killed all the chickens and covered everything with lime."

The W.H.O. is generally conservative in its announcements and, as a United Nations agency, is sometimes limited by member states in what it is permitted to say about them.

Still, several scientists have noted that there are many clusters in which human-to-human infection may be a more logical explanation than the idea that relatives who fell sick days apart got the virus from the same dying bird.

For example, in a letter published last November in Emerging Infectious Diseases analyzing 15 family clusters from 2003 through mid-2005 in Southeast Asia, scientists from the disease control centers, the W.H.O. and several Asian health ministries noted that four clusters had gaps of more than seven days between the time family members got sick. They questioned conventional wisdom that only one, the Bangkok office worker, was "likely" human-to-human.

In one Vietnam cluster, not only did a young man, his teenage sister and 80-year-old grandfather test positive for A(H5N1) avian flu, but two nurses tending them developed severe pneumonia, and one tested positive.

In another questionable case, the Vietnamese government's assertion that a man developed the flu 16 days after eating raw duck-blood pudding was publicly ridiculed by a prominent flu specialist at Hong Kong University, who said it was more likely that he got it from his sick brother.

Dr. Henry L. Niman, a biochemist in Pittsburgh who has become a hero to many Internet flu watchers and a gadfly to public health authorities, has argued for weeks that there have been 20 to 30 human-to-human infections.

Dr. Niman says the authors of the Emerging Infectious Diseases article were too conservative: even though the dates in it were fragmentary, it was possible to infer that in about 10 of the 15 cases, there was a gap in onset dates of at least five days, which would fit with the flu's incubation time of two to five days.

And in a study published just last month about a village in Azerbaijan, scientists from the W.H.O. and the United States Navy said human-to-human transmission was possible. That conclusion essentially agreed with what Dr. Niman had been arguing since early March — that it was unlikely that seven infections among six relatives and a neighbor, with onset dates stretching from Feb. 15 to March 4, had all been picked up from dying wild swans that the family had plucked for feathers in a nearby swamp in early February.

While Dr. Niman is an irritant to public health officials, his digging sometimes pushes them to change conclusions, as it did in the recent Indonesia case. The W.H.O. at first said an undercooked pig might have infected the whole family, but Dr. Niman discovered that the hostess of the barbecue was sick two days before the barbecue and the last relative was infected two weeks after it.

His prodding, picked up by journalists, eventually led the W.H.O. to concede that no pig was to blame and that the virus probably had jumped from human to human to human.

The health organization's periodic updates on the number of avian flu cases and the death toll concentrate on cases confirmed by laboratories. The updates use no names and are often cleared by the affected country's health minister.

Dr. Niman, by contrast, trolls local press and radio reports and uses Google software to translate them — sometimes hilariously — looking for family names, onset dates and death dates.

For example, a May 15 report quotes a village midwife named Spoilt describing the death of a woman in Kubu Sembilang, Indonesia and the hospitalization of one of her sons:

"Praise br Ginting experienced was sick to last April 27 2006, with the sign of the continuous high fever to the temperature of his body reached 390 C was accompanied by coughs... Added Spoilt, second casualties Roy Karo-Karo that also the son of the uterus from Praise br. Gintin after his mother died last May 3, also fell ill, afterwards was reconciled to RSU Kabanjahe."

Dr. Niman contends that the largest human-to-human cluster so far was not in Indonesia, but in Dogubayazit, Turkey, in January. W.H.O. updates recorded 12 infected in three clusters, and quoted the Turkish Health Ministry blaming chickens and ducks. Dr. Niman counted 30 hospitalized with symptoms and said the three clusters were all cousins with the last names of Kocyigit and Ozcan, and that most fell sick after a big family party on Dec. 24 that was attended by a teenager who fell sick on Dec. 18 and died Jan. 1.

A patriarch, Dr. Niman said, told local papers that the two branches had had dinner together six days after the 14-year-old, Mehmet Ali Kocyigit, had shown mild symptoms. He died on Jan. 1, and several other young members of the two families died shortly after, with other relatives showing symptoms until Jan. 16. No scientific study of that outbreak has been released.

Dr. Niman also said clusters were becoming more frequent, especially in Indonesia. Just last week two more emerged there, one including a nurse whose infection has not yet been confirmed. With 36 deaths, Indonesia is expected to eclipse Vietnam soon as the world's worst-hit country.

Dr. David Nabarro, chief pandemic flu coordinator for the United Nations, said that even if some unexplained cases were human-to-human, it does not yet mean that the pandemic alert system, now at Level 3, "No or very limited human-human transmission," should be raised to Level 4, "Increased human-human transmission."

Level 4 means the virus has mutated until it moves between some people who have been only in brief contact, as a cold does. Right now, Dr. Nabarro said, any human transmission is "very inefficient."

Level 6, meaning a pandemic has begun, is defined as "efficient and sustained" human transmission.

Ms. Cheng of the W.H.O. said that even if there were more clusters, the alert would remain at Level 3 as long as the virus dies out by itself.

"A lot of this is subjective, a judgment on how efficiently the virus is infecting people," she said. "If it becomes more common, we'd convene a task force to raise the alert level."