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A Prophetic Vision Given to Nita Johnson
Jan. 27,1989
[editor's notes in brackets]

I was awakened in the middle of the night. The Lord said to me, "Why do you think I gave you that vision of the United States?" I replied, "I don't know, Lord, why did you?" He then responded, "A surrogate mother won't work. Sarah could not be one to Ishmael. It's not My way." As I was pondering what that could possibly mean, He followed with, "Only what is born of faith can work."

While the Lord gave birth to America's liberty and planted in her bosom a hope, He promised to be her protective covering if she would meet His conditions. He did not give birth to this sinful and rebellious nation. Although He has given birth to His church, a nation within a nation, He did not give birth to this antagonistic entity we call America. It was the blood, sweat and tears of man that gave it birth. Humanists swam in the womb with this nation and humanists have helped give it birth. They have nurtured it, coddled it and flaunted it as the son of their pride".

On the other hand, it was the church who fought for the right of motherhood. She fought for the right to set up the rules and even discipline the spoiled child when it was bad. But she, alas, has only been "the surrogate mother for a rebellious Ishmael".

It was Sarah who wisely declared at last, "Cast out this bondwoman and her son, for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son!" However, while this is true, Abraham suffered over releasing Ishmael and sending him away. Even so, our Eternal Father suffers over the future of the people of America. He must cast away the rebellious but He does it with great pain. What America as a nation doesn't understand is that we have been reaping the benefits of the churches inheritance for over two hundred years. While the church has not been the model bride anymore than Sarah had been a perfect wife, we the church are, nonetheless, God's bride and the spiritual nation of Israel. So while the Lord loves His "spiritual Israel" (the church) and although He must even chastise His elect, He will cast out the irreverent Ishmael (The United States). Though God loves man, He hates sin and will cast out from the inheritance those that choose to serve sin. For these it might be said; He has little regard. May we also remember it was not God who first rejected America. Although He has stretched His arms out to us, we are the ones who have refused Him. So, fear not Church, that which is born of Earth will stand. God has in His judgment remembered mercy. What I'm about to share is the way in which God is going to, in effect, cast out this rebellious America Ha calls Ishmael. The process will begin while the church is still here. In fact, it has already begun and will continue until all is fully executed I want to add one more thing before I share the vision the Bible tells us:

And if you say in your [minds and] hearts, How shall we know which words the Lord has not spoken? When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or prove true, that is a word which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him. (Deut 18:21 & 22) So we are to judge the word which is spoken in the Lord's name by waiting to see if it comes to pass. If it does, we need to believe it and respond to God's warnings through it.

The Vision: On January 27, 1989, I had been in a spirit of prayer all night and was finally just starting to dose off to sleep. Suddenly, I was fully awakened by a vision of a map of the United States. It was not a vision in my head but was what some call an open vision out in front of me.

The map was in a silvery light and was completely sectioned off into states. just as suddenly as it had appeared, I heard a voice, as robust as the sound of many waters yet with great intensity, begin to give directions. Starting with the West Coast, the voice would speak and that same silvery light would shoot down from the direction of heaven like a laser beam onto the map. The light would follow the path directed by the voice and then effects would follow as I will explain. First, the voice cried out-'The West Coast, California, Oregon and Washington, starting from the southern most tip all the way up to Seattle, will suffer natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and fire, and enemy attack. "The line shot up the map taking most of California and leaving only a small section that bordered on Arizona and Nevada. It went up through Oregon taking about half of that state and then on up through Washington, taking about one-third of that state, then out toward the ocean through Seattle. The minute the line touched Seattle, everything west of the line disappeared.

The voice then cried out, "Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois will suffer natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, and enemy attack. Immediately, this line started at about where Lansing, Michigan, is and fanned down in what became two lines going south flrst. Then one line swung back up easterly through Ohio, going out over the Great Lake Erie through Cleveland. The other line swung down through Indiana and then headed back up northwesterly and went out into the Great Lake Michigan up by the way of the northeast corner of Illinois and out through Chicago. When it was done, it looked like two "u"s side by side. This affected areas all through the region, for instance, as far east as Detroit and easterly in Michigan to the Great Lake itself on the west. The whole southern part of the glove experienced cataclysmic results.

Next, the voice called out, "Most of Louisiana and all of Texas will suffer natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and enemy attack. "The line shot up through New Orleans east of Baton Rouge, up through Shreveport in a kind of wiggly way then cut off all of Texas. Texas disappeared. Louisiana experienced devastation but didn't disappear.

I was ready for this to end, yet the Lord continued.- New York down through Pennsylvania, the Virginias, the eastern Part of Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida will suffer natural disasters of every kind, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, etc. and enemy attack. Then everything that was east of the line disappeared.

The Lord continued, "The Grand Canyon will suffer natural disasters. "The line seemed to start at the bottom of the Grand Canyon heading northerly straight up to Montana through Yellowstone. This was also accompanied by cataclysmic disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and fires. This affected a substantial area, including Arizona, Utah, western parts of Wyoming, the eastern tip of Idaho and southwestern part of Montana. The regions did not disappear, but experienced utter catastrophe.

Then Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, West Tennessee, Kentucky, and on it went. There were severe heat waves, hailstorms, energy blackouts, severe snow and ice storms as well as extreme arctic cold spells to the loss of many lives. I saw it so often occur in some the least likely areas. Famines, pestilence, plagues, and more. Nevada and Utah were all but destroyed through natural disasters of every kind and ultimately enemy attack. They did, however, remain on the map (Please note that I am not declaring that the states that disappeared fell off into the sea. I don't know why they disappeared, only that they did. Consequently, I am merely relating what I saw-not trying to interpret.) [Uninhabitable, or inhabited by invaders]

I was so dumbstruck that I felt numb, even bruised. It was hard for me to pull it all together in my mind. I just sat there in shock. Finally, I realized if I didn't write it down, I'd lose a lot of it as there was so much detail. So I wrote what I could remember. Some states, such as New Mexico, were lost from my memory. I couldn't remember what happened to them, so I didn't record it.

I distinctly remember, however, that the only part of the US that was not devastated was the Central United States, a region basically west of the Missouri River, as I have indicated on the map. I also realized that many of the things that would begin happening immediately would be of an unusual nature, such as natural disasters that would seem improbable or even impossible, at least for that particular geographical area.

I was instructed that this sequence of events would start immediately, picking up momentum with time until eventually the succession would be happening with gunshot rapidity, until all fulfilled. It's important to understand that the natural disasters did not specifically follow "the lines", but the lines seemed to indicate the borders of the severely affected areas. The only one exception was the line that went up through the Grand Canyon north to Montana. In that case, the line seemed to symbolize the central core of action with a radiating aftermath both to the east and west. I saw natural disasters in Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands followed by warheads.

Finally, I saw a severe diminishing of our nation's military. Officers, and enlisted men, as well as the closing of many critical bases were part of the scenario. Our ability to defend ourselves was critically reduced, to a point of near ineffectiveness. (The Military cut down was not incorporated in this vision, but was seen many years ago.)

These disasters have already begun, just as He said they would. Since that vision, there have been two earthquakes in California, terrible fires, a hurricane on the East Coast that did what all the meteorologists said could never happen. The storm entered inland through Charleston, South Carolina, went north and headed back into the ocean through New York. Flooding for the first time in history was recorded in a community in northern Ohio resulting in unusual deaths. Most recently, there was an earthquake near the southern border of Missouri, and floods in the plains, and terrible disaster in Florida from tornados. Those are just a few instances, but hopefully, they're enough to drive the point home. These things are neither freak accidents, as some would have you believe, nor are they just satanic humor on mankind. Church, please realize that the Lord commanded everything that I saw hit the map. He also told me it was part of the sequential calamities which are warnings ultimately leading to full judgment assigned to this country. They are like blinking red lights along the path of judgment-Go back! Stop! Repent! The end is at hand! Will you hear? Will you pray? How in His great mercy would He gladly stop or minimize catastrophe for His praying church!


Is this the end of time? - James Rutz -

No. But as of today, you have only two shopping months till Christmas.

You just have to ask yourself: "Can I get my Christmas shopping done before Jesus comes back?" And if your time is tight, you may want to ask, "What's really important in life?"

Let's start here: Jesus was born on Dec. 25, right? Well, the neat thing about celebrating Dec. 25 is that it's such a comprehensive holiday. Since antiquity, it has been designated as the birthday of Baal, Moloch, Dagon, Nimrod, Hercules, Atlas, Mithras, Krishna, Zeus, Osiris, Tammuz, Horus, Apollo, Amon, Ra, Bacchus, and Jupiter. So if there's anything to these other religions, you're covered just by decking a few halls and downing a couple of eggnogs.

When Jesus came along, He got dumped into that godpile for sake of convenience, and the distortions of Christian history began to stack up like Yule logs. After awhile, you had not only baby Jesus, but holly and mistletoe and one-horse open sleighs and Christmas card lists encased in computers, burping out mailing labels for your friends so you can happily ignore them the other 364 days.

The Greek historian Herodotus understood the history-creating process all too well. He wrote, "Very few things happen at the right time, and the rest do not happen at all. The conscientious historian will correct these defects." So on top of pop mythology, history has been "adjusted" by historians.

What then can we do, sitting here near the tail end of history, drowning in thousands of volumes of historical facts? Sadly, many of our best teachers have been lost-in-details historians whose command of the facts is impressive, yet who sometimes reach haywire conclusions. (One thinks of the Ph.D. historians behind the Third Reich and the Soviet Union.)

I feel you have three main options: One, select the best of the various schools of historiography. Two, read history blindly and toss into your brain every factoid you find – with little effort to discover patterns or conclusions. Or three, build upon a basic body of knowledge you deem trustworthy, being careful not to junk it up with "stray facts" that simply aren't true.

My suggestion: Start with sacred history! Specifically, the Bible offers the most comprehensive framework of historical interpretation you can find today. And if you are a Christian, it shouldn't be hard for you to accept the events of Scripture – as self-explained in the Word itself – for an authoritative foundation underneath your understanding of history.

With that as a solid base, it suddenly becomes much easier to evaluate the vast cloud of swirling events that cloud our crystal balls and swarm across our TV screens and newspapers.

Take, for example, the tongue-in-cheek title of this column. Is time up? Is the world coming to an end? With a Bible in hand, we have a strong basis for constructing a reasonable answer to such questions – which otherwise could prove impenetrable.

The short answer is, yes, we're nearing a conclusion – but we're not quite there yet.

I could flesh this out from several angles (like the prophecies of Daniel or statements about Israel's fate), but the simplest is Matthew 24:14: "And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations [ethnic groups]; and then shall the end come."

That's a pretty straightforward timetable. But what does it mean regarding a date? Must every person in every ethnic group hear a clear explanation of the entire Bible before Christ returns? Or would it suffice to conduct a single evangelistic rally in every ethnic group over, say, 10,000 souls?

No one has precise answers to such questions. But we do know how many tribes and people groups remain to be reached in a meaningful way.

From where I sit, the closure of the task of world evangelization could conceivably happen in 10 to 15 years; we've got terrific momentum going now – mostly overseas. Or if things go badly, it could take a lot longer.

Yet closure is just the final act in a much larger drama: God is creating a vast worldwide team, a family of disciples who have been specially selected to be "the bride of Christ," the chosen ones who have learned by experience to stand against evil and defeat it. When that warrior bride is complete, the end will come.

But when that day arrives, it will prove to be just the beginning.

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End Time Government Strength: America's Path To One World Order - By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst -

WASH-KIN- Earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, the threat of pestilence and famine are all combining to pave the way for the one world government of the antichrist and America finds herself at tremendous risk of falling prey to a voluntary takeover or one forced by presidential executive order, the law or widely accepted new policies.

Whether it is by design or driven by events, President George W. Bush and his Administration seem to be paving the way for Presidential authority to use the military as first responders to acts of God, such as the hurricanes, and as a policing entity to restore and maintain order during outbreaks of disease. This leads to a single point of authority that can be utilized by the politically powerful with evil intent.

America always has been mindful of the tyrannical power of government. There are safeguards written into the Constitution to prevent an all-powerful federal government from exercising its authority over the will of the people. The right of states to self-govern, for example, has served as a barrier against the federal government from being too powerful.

So it is a difficult concept for Americans to visualize that an all powerful dictator would ever rule over the land of the free.? It is unfathomable for most Americans to understand how this nation would come under the Revelation 13:7 prophecy that power was given the antichrist ?over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.?

Putting conspiracy theories aside, however, the American people are being plied by national and world events for the eventual takeover of the antichrist. Since the awful terrorist attacks of 9/11, many civil liberties have been repressed and the Bush Administration has lobbied hard to make these restrictions permanent rather than temporary.

They are justified to the public using the war on terror and Administration officials have testified before Congress that renewable five year extensions of the Patriot Act are unacceptable, because only a permanent extension gives federal agencies the ability to plan and execute long term. There is basically no other reason given for permanent justification of the Patriot Act.

Citing Hurricane Katrina and the ?bird flu?, President George W. Bush is making a public case to use the U.S. military to maintain order and to provide services in times of disaster. Mr. Bush appears to be exploiting the international 'bird flu' scare to justify obtaining standing authority to deploy the U.S. military locally in emergencies declared by a President. Emboldened by these events, Administration officials are studying ways to circumvent the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 that prevents the U.S. military from establishing police authority over local areas.

Scientists and researchers are concerned that the 'bird flu' would devastate the poultry industry. It is a massive pandemic that spreads quickly through the bird population as migratory birds infect other birds wherever they land. The fear is that the 'bird flu' virus will genetically mutate itself by mixing with a human flu strain and create a worldwide pandemic, an apocalyptic event.

Dr. John Greene of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida told me that on a scale of one to ten, the 'bird flu' is unlikely to reach the United States this year. He said, "With ten being the highest, I would say there's probably a chance of one. So to me its not zero, but its incredibly low. The fact that its not readily spread from person to person may actually prevent it from emerging in the years to come at all or like some people say its only a matter of time it will emerge. But it's reasonable to be prepared for it."

Almost unanimously, the researchers and scientists I have interviewed or have read about agree that the chances for the 'bird flu' to materialize as even a threatened human pandemic are slim in the foreseeable future. But, they believe it is good to prepare for it. It is difficult, however, to even develop a vaccine, because no one knows the end-form the genetic mutated flu virus would become.

In the wake of disasters and in the threat of deadly pandemics, reasonable people could agree that authority is needed to restore order and maintain civil services. But the precedents of today could become the justifications of tomorrow. And the Patriot Act or special emergency powers given a President could quickly be applied to oppress a nation if their intent is misused or abused by leadership. And what seems reasonable because of the course of recent events is laying the groundwork for the globalization and pacification of America. Always remember John 14:6 where Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me. It is by Christ you are saved, not by government.

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Apocalyptic anxiety runs high in disasters' wake


Every morning, the Rev. Micheal Mitchell prays that if today is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it, he will be ready.

"Ever since the terrorist attacks four years ago, I try to live every day as if it will be the last day," said Mitchell, 46, senior pastor of New Life Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church in East Flatbush.

Mitchell's belief that he is watching biblical prophecy unfold in the form of modern day famines, floods and earthquakes has grown increasingly urgent. What with a cataclysmic earthquake swallowing whole villages in South Asia, coming on the heels of a killer tsunami and hurricanes that flooded the Gulf Coast and brought lethal mud slides to Guatemala, apocalyptic anxiety is running extraordinarily high -- among believers and nonbelievers alike.

Set against a backdrop of terror threats and worries that avian flu may morph into a pandemic, it's no wonder that talk of a biblical-scale reckoning is cropping up in all sorts of conversations.

"A lot of people are watching the Rapture Index very carefully right now," said Stephen O'Leary, an expert on apocalypticism at the University of Southern California, referring to a Web site that purports to offer a statistical gauge of the approach of the moment that Christians believe Jesus will remove the faithful from Earth.

The Web site -- -- currently registers 161. Anything higher than 145 means "fasten your seatbelts," according to the legend.

Apocalyptic beliefs have long been an American staple. A June 2001 survey by the Barna Research Group, for instance, found that 40 percent of adults in the United States believe the physical world will end as a result of supernatural intervention. Fifty percent disagreed, and 10 percent didn't know.

Mitchell, like many Pentecostals and Charismatics, believes the seven years of calamities leading to Armageddon -- the battle in which Jesus will defeat the Anti-Christ -- may already have begun. Now, he said, he gets almost daily questions from congregants about how current events may reflect those prophecies.

"Someone in our men's group asked whether I thought the earthquake in Asia was a sign of the coming of the Lord," he said. "I told him that I believe that that is exactly what's taking place."

Social scientists say that such preoccupations reflect an increasingly apocalyptic mood in America, expressed not just in Christian fundamentalism, but also in secular doom-and-gloom scenarios that forecast widespread flooding as a result of global warming, or worldwide depression caused by oil shortages.

Nonbelievers tend to express their anxieties in terms of manmade ecological disasters or, more simply, an indifferent and often, hostile nature. If the recent storms and quakes portend anything, it's climactic change, not biblical reckoning, said Oliver Haker, 28, an East Village lawyer.

Others search for a deeper, redemptive meaning behind so much suffering and despair.

"When I heard about the quake in Pakistan, I thought, 'Wow, this could be it -- we could be entering the final seven years,'" said Irwin Baxter, president and founder of Endtime Ministries in Richmond, Ind., who does a radio show about biblical prophecy (broadcast locally at 11 p.m. on WMCA/970 AM) and who lectured at Queens College last month.

Naysayers note that such predictions are a constant in human history -- and have always been proven wrong.

"We have an acute need to find an explanation for suffering, pain and death," O'Leary said.

Certainly, it is a sign of the times that book sellers report an uptick in sales for books not just about biblical prophecy, but also that explain disasters in scientific terms.

Besides the steady popularity of apocalyptic titles, like the bestselling Left Behind series, "what we have seen recently is marked interest in books that help readers understand the issues of the day," said Bill Tipper, bestsellers editor for Barnes&

Rabbi Irwin Kula, president of the Manhattan-based National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, said that for Jews, as well as Christians, millenial thinking offers purpose to life. But he warns that it can also be used to "escape from real world ethical obligations."

He stresses a Jewish teaching that if one is planting a tree, and hears the messiah is coming, one should continue planting. "It's our life-affirming actions that produce the reality of a messianic future," Kula said.


My dear brothers and sisters in christ,I have been away for the last two weeks working with the American Red Cross in the Gulf region.This is indeed a time of sorrows for many families.Please remember all those affected by disasters in your prayers and if you can give a donation to help them out please do so.There are thousands of people who have lost all their earthly belongings.Now is the time for us to show Christ's love to those in need.I will resume posting tomorrow,time grows short our Lord stands near at the gate.May God's blessings and mercy be with you.