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Is God Trying To Talk To Somebody In The US? - By Thomas Horn - – (Raiders News Update) – Nearly 4000 years ago, the Hebrew God gave Egypt's king opportunity to do the right thing by letting His people go. The Almighty used words of admonition, nothing more, through Aaron and Moses. Yet when Pharaoh's heart was hardened, God's rod became his lectern, and weather, among other things, helped bring Yahweh's significant point across.

Last week, my friend Jerry Robinson editorialized that God should not be blamed for recent weather anomalies. Others disagreed. Salon magazine took particular pleasure in pointing out that President Bush himself used the pulpit at the National Prayer Service to shed personal responsibility for New Orleans by pointing his finger at God.

Bush may have been right. Dozens of scriptures from both Old and New Testament books confirm that God often uses weather to get peoples attention. So if God is speaking, and this isn't simply a freak storm season, who is He talking too and what is He is saying?

Some believe his message is about Divine retribution; against gays, abortionists, and the New Orleans party life. Others say Bush's push for the Gaza Disengagement plan angered the Lord. Others agree, but say the neocons at the White House are the real problem. Their unjust war in Iraq angered God and this is why the storms of the century are not aimed at Iraq and Iran, but against the United States. Others sharpen the pointer: God is mad at the Church for supporting this administration and its wink at corruption. False witness has been born, the Lord's name taken in vain, the Commandments broken, all to acquire the wealth of oil! You'll note, they say, how the Almighty is wrecking America's largest seaports, savaging its oil infrastructure, stopping the flow of its oil--the lifeblood of its mighty war machine--and now aiming at the President's home state refineries! This latter idea, that God may be speaking to His Church, gets my attention. I dare anybody to read the Book of Revelation--from chapter seven through chapter eighteen--and fail to recognize how the sea and storms upon it are used as heavenly loudspeakers during the last days. From the moment John sees the four angels standing upon the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of heaven, it becomes clear that peculiar weather patterns will play a significant roll in last-days communication from God to man.

Yet the message of the last Book of the Bible was for the Church in particular. It was "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants" (Rev 1:1).

So whether Katrina, Rita, and hurricanes that follow are "sent" or simply "allowed" by God is for somebody else to decide. My hope is that out of all of it, a wakeup call from the eye of the storm will come to true believers.

After thirty years of pastoring and thousands of hours of volunteer labor, I feel I've earned the right to say it: something dreadful has happened to the organized church. It has lost its way, its authority, and in my humble opinion, if God IS speaking to the American church, He is saying something similar to what he said to the seven churches throughout Asia: I have somewhat against thee.

From the "Authority Lost & Found" Department

In Luke 11:20 Jesus said, "If I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you." Jesus combined personal authority with the heavenly kind--showing that one cannot be had without the other--yet illustrated that whereas kingdom power can be manifest on earth, it is not of earth; it comes down from above.

Do believers today (i.e. church attenders, those who claim the name of Christ) inherently possess this kind of kingdom authority? Regardless of what you may have heard at your local church, no, but it's available. God reveals the criterion necessary for Christians to experience real kingdom authority... and it may surprise the dominionist out of some of you. Frankly, I hope it does, for the secret is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

The use of the word "if" in 2 Chronicles, chapter 7, suggests that the necessary action on the part of believers is not assumed. At the same time, the word "if" qualifies God's response based on our actions. If we will humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from wickedness (this is not the world turning from wickedness, He's talking to His people), God will hear our prayers, forgive our sins, and heal our cities. We stand in sufficient authority for whatever might be needed at any given moment if we are people of humility, prayer, and uprightness. The New Testament weapons of warfare listed in Ephesians 6:14-17, are the end result of these attitudinal dispositions. My friend Pat Robertson, who once claimed to have turned back a hurricane by "taking authority over it" (and who only seems to create storms these days when he opens his mouth) missed the point like so many other believers who think they can "take authority" over storms or other issues. Authority isn't "taken", it is given, and to those whom the Lord qualifies according to his own rules.

God's little word "if" is an important word. We do not stand with kingdom authority because we attend the local mega church, sing in the choir, teach a Sunday school class, belong to a Christian coalition or a political action group, voted for George Bush, or even participate in a prayer meeting where loud, teeth-gritting, mad commands are shouted at Satan. True spiritual authority is given by God to whom He qualifies. His criteria are clear. It is the humble, not the Sunday-morning-the-pastor-is-watching-me humble, but truly Christ-like, self-sacrificing, cares-about-others-more-than-self humble, repentant, praying righteous, that God anoints with power and authority.

All Christians have the resident power of Christ within them, but not every Christian has the authority to use it. As a train locomotive has great physical power but no inherent authority, and must first come under the guidance of a higher intelligence in order to operate using that power, modern believers, if they are to be effective, must align themselves with God's standards of humility and be guided by His spiritual wisdom and insight.

This is not to suggest political disengagement for the church, but true spiritual relationship with the Father, such as He seeks, isn't acquired with politics. Study the life of Christ and see the extent to which he involved Himself or His disciples in the politics of His day. Mankind's need cannot be attained through legislation or political influence primarily. All of the political action in the world will not cleanse one stain of sin from our beleaguered nation. This is where the church is missing the point today. Though politically enthused, they often fail to recognize that the first step in confronting spiritual strongholds is to deal with Satan's corresponding inroads within the church itself.

Only as we, through true repentance, first pull down Satan's strongholds within our own lives are we prepared to confront him on a territorial level. Jesus provided the example in that He was more concerned with establishing His presence among the disciples than He was with confronting Satan. When His lordship is established among us, it is the nature and authority of Christ--kingdom authority--speaking through us that penetrates the kosmos and turns back Satan's power.

This could be what God is trying to get through to the Church today: churchgoers want to hear about how much power they have, not about their need for discipline or repentance, and thus many are dead. Without real repentance among God's people, there is no life, no authority.

A recent poll indicates this is where the organized church is in big trouble today--the message of repentance is a flat subject among churchgoers. People want to pull a voting lever, offer vocal support for whatever politician pays lip service to a few hot-button social issues, and shout hallelujah as they drive off in their Lincoln.

Satan smiles and waves as they go by.

What's worse, many pastors avoid talking to their congregations about repentance and self sacrifice for fear of losing their attendance and support. So, like the vampire Lasat, they drain them of true spiritual life, while seducing them with voter-pamphlet sermons and feel-good theology.

In 1 Timothy 4:1 we read of these, "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils." Later, in 2 Timothy 4:3-4, Paul wrote of them, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."

For a different kind of example, we read in Isaiah, "In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord" (Isa. 6:1). Upon seeing the Lord, Isaiah discovered that he was unclean, and that he dwelt with unclean people. He repented and called upon Israel to do the same. Yet in 1 Kings, chapter 22, Israel would not listen to the prophets who preached repentance, but preferred the easy messages of the false teachers. Judgment came upon them.

In one month we have had two of the largest hurricanes in history. Another seems to be forming as I write. God, who "calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out on the land" is talking, but are we listening? What America needs is a repentant, spiritual church, not the political arm of a dominionist cult. Want to argue that point? Do it with the God who says, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

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STORMS AROUND THE WORLD - By David Dolan - Jerusalem

My last WND commentary was written in the immediate wake of the July 7th London terrorist bombings. I noted that the two main promoters of the Israeli-Palestinian Road Map peace plan are the USA and the UK, and opined that the atrocious Islamic terror attacks in the British capital might have occurred at least partly as a result of divine displeasure with a core demand of that plan—Israeli authorities must quickly uproot Jewish residents from the Gaza Strip and from Israel's biblical heartland, Judea and Samaria.

Pointing out that Ariel Sharon's then-pending unilateral evacuation of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria was a direct result of intense pressure from American and European leaders, I ended my piece with this warning: "If it's true that nations, like individuals, reap what they sow, then folks all over the Western world better get ready for even more difficult days ahead."

This is not a new theme for me. I've been writing and speaking about the seeming connection between "natural" and terrorist disasters affecting America and the US-backed "land for peace" process for well over a decade.

Along with others, I first noticed this apparent correlation when the "Perfect Storm" (memorialized in the hit George Clooney movie) struck the Atlantic Ocean as the US-promoted International Mideast Peace Conference was taking place in Madrid in late October 1991. At that parlay, George Bush I, whose summer home in Maine was seriously damaged by the raging storm, was joined by European and other world leaders in demanding that intensely-reluctant Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir begin a withdrawal process designed to eventually create a Palestinian state alongside of tiny Israel. Shamir's deputy foreign minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, stole the media spotlight from the camera-shy premier while warning that such a state would undoubtedly morph into a Muslim fundamentalist stronghold endangering Israel's very existence.

As a result of that conference, direct Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations were convened under US auspices for the first time ever. They began nearly one year later at the State Department in Washington DC. The date was August 24, 1992—the very day that Hurricane Andrew swept ashore and devastated southern Florida. It would turn out to be America's worst natural disaster, until Katrina.

As the finishing touches were being placed on clandestine, US-backed Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations near Oslo Norway early the next year (secretly convened after all concluded that the official Washington talks had become mere platforms for public grandstanding, especially by Palestinian negotiators), the first major domestic Arab terror attack was launched upon America. Thankfully, that attempt to destroy the twin towers of the World Trade Center failed, although it did leave many dead and injured in its wake and created widespread panic in lower Manhattan.

Several months later, the controversial Oslo Accord was signed on the White House lawn, sealed by a historic handshake between Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin, at the benevolent urging of Bill Clinton. Just over one year later, his administration had to deal with the deadliest domestic terrorist attack ever when the Murrah Federal Building was blasted to bits in Oklahoma City.

In 1996, TWA flight 800 was mysteriously downed off the coast of Long Island, followed by the Khobar Towers terror attack in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 American soldiers and left hundreds wounded. In August 1998, twin blasts outside US embassy buildings in Africa slaughtered hundreds of people: a prelude to further Al Qaida terror attacks against US forces in Saudi Arabia in 1999. The USS Cole bombing in Yemen left 17 sailors dead in 2000. Outrageously topping all of this was the massive coordinated terrorist atrocities of September 2001.

Bin Laden's 9/11 Muslim assaults occurred just two days shy of the eighth anniversary of the Oslo Accord White House signing ceremony, held just up the road from the Pentagon. Jewish scholars point out that eight is the biblical number signifying completion of a cycle. Was it a cycle of divine judgment due to America's relentless promotion of a "peace" plan that would prove deadly and devastating to its small Mideast ally?

As Aaron Klein pointed out exactly two months after the July 7th London bombings, many rabbis in Israel believe that Katrina's wrath was Divine Retribution for America's pivotal role in the Gaza and northern Samaria forced evacuations, which were completed just two days before the powerful hurricane made landfall between Miami and Fort Lauderdale and five days before it ripped apart much of America's Gulf coast. Mere coincidence?

It is interesting to note that the name Katrina begins and ends with the vowel "a", as does Gaza. If you take out the middle part, "tri," which means three, you get Kana, which is the name of the Galilee town in Samaria where Jesus did his first public miracle, turning water into wine. If you add a final "n" to that you get Kanan—the original biblical name of the Holy Land. This is obviously just coincidence.

Those readers prone to dismiss out of hand the proposition that Israel's Sovereign Lord might have been signaling unhappiness over the US role in the forced Jewish uprootings should consider a few chilling facts: Both events began with security personnel knocking on residential homes in a portion of the coastal south in order to warn residents to immediately evacuate their homes, although for clearly different reasons. In both cases, thousands of residents were reluctant to leave, fearing they would never return to their beloved homes. Indeed, several thousand homes were leveled in Gaza and northern Samaria, while hundreds of thousands were destroyed or badly damaged along America's Gulf coast.

In both instances, people suddenly became effective refugees in their own lands; many forced to move to temporary shelter. Security personnel faced personal danger from angry, sometimes violent, residents. Looting then followed by some of those remaining behind. Both affected regions played a significant role in foreign exports, especially of agricultural products, resulting in substantial economic loss to the countries involved.

Approximately the same overall percentage of citizens in both cases lost their homes and/or businesses. Coincidence?

The inadequate, if not disgraceful, initial government response to the Katrina disaster has further eroded public confidence in George W. Bush—the first US leader to publicly endorse a Palestinian state encompassing much of Israel's biblical heartland. This comes as his proposal to build a stable Iraq in a western democratic mold—which I have always termed huckleberry pie in the sky—seems to grow more distant every day.

Israel's pocketbook was hit hard by the Gaza withdrawals. But it is already clear that America's bill for the unprecedented Katrina disaster will be far greater proportionally. Will the world's current superpower successfully weather that financial storm? Will the great USA avoid another Al Qaida attack upon its battered homeland?

Although many will disagree, I am hardly alone in proposing that the answers may at least be partially found in current and future moves that America's elected leaders take concerning modern reborn Israel and her ancient Promised Land.

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Inside The White House—A Special Report From Bill Koenig -

From increased chances of an earthquake in the Pacific Northwest to the bankruptcy of major U.S. airlines, the week has been full of prophetically-related news stories. The terrorists in Iraq are stepping up their attacks at the same time President George W. Bush is calling on the United Nations for sweeping reforms, including a crack down on terrorism—but first the U.N. must agree to a definition of terrorism.

Meantime, the United States is pressuring Israel to continue abandoning the West Bank even though the Palestinians are already setting up terrorist strongholds in Gaza. And would you believe that ultimately Russia is behind it all…read on, you'll be glad you did!!!!

Bush: U.S. to pay most of costs to rebuild New Orleans

President Bush promised Thursday night the U.S. government will pay most of the costs of rebuilding the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast in one of the largest reconstruction projects the world has ever seen. "There is no way to imagine America without New Orleans, and this great city will rise again," the president said.

Standing in Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter, Bush acknowledged his administration had failed to respond adequately to Hurricane Katrina, which killed hundreds of people across five states. The government's costs for rebuilding could reach $200 billion or beyond.

"Four years after the frightening experience of Sept. 11, Americans have every right to expect a more effective response in a time of emergency," the president said. He said when the federal government fails to meet such an obligation, "I as president am responsible for the problem, and for the solution."

Rice: U.S. to press Israel

The United States will act to preserve the momentum in Israeli-Palestinian relations and is expected to press both sides to make progress, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the New York Times Tuesday.

The American pressure is expected to focus on advancing understandings reached between the two sides in the Sharm el-Sheikh summit in Egypt earlier this year. For Israel, this means the handover of more West Bank towns to Palestinian control and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

In his recent statements, President George W. Bush focused on American demands from the Palestinian and PA leader Abbas. Recently, the U.S. also related a message to European and other nations to refrain from exerting pressure on Israel for further concessions as a result of Sharon's internal troubles and upcoming Palestinian elections.

However, the U.S. Administration is apparently also concerned about stalling the process. During her meeting at the New York Times, Rice said the key on the Israeli side is to use the momentum, including the Sharm understandings, in order to go back to the U.S.-brokered Road Map peace plan.

Rice noted both sides have obligations under the plan and said the U.S. will press both sides to deliver on their pledges.

The End Time Players Continue to Take Their Positions

Muslims Don't Yearn for Freedom

President George W. Bush continues to talk about spreading freedom through out the Middle East and throughout the world but it appears Muslims aren't interested. He even gave his freedom vision to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday of this week.

According to Middle East Newsline, a U.S. Defense Department study has determined that Muslims in the Middle East do not yearn for freedom.

A Pentagon advisory board has released a report that asserted that Muslims in dictatorial regimes do not seek freedom as those in countries that had been dominated by the Soviet Union after World War II. The board said that unlike those who lived in East Bloc states, Muslims do not see the United States as their liberator.

"There is no yearning-to-be-liberated-by-the-U.S. groundswell among Muslim societies -- except to be liberated perhaps from what they see as apostate tyrannies that the U.S. so determinedly promotes and defends," the Pentagon board said in a report.

The 102-page report by the Defense Science Board reviewed U.S. information policy toward the Arab and Muslim world as part of an effort to stem the tide of anti-Americanism. The board concluded that Washington has failed to adequately explain its diplomatic and military policy to Muslims around the world.

Karen Hughes, long time aide to President Bush, who now works at the State Department under Secretary of States Condoleeza has been given the unenviable task of getting the Bush - freedom message out to the Muslim countries. Many in the Bush Administration have felt it hadn't been done effectively but this report shows maybe it is more about the message of freedom rather than a misunderstanding. Hopefully, the Pentagon report will get to Hughes.

The United States has very tough decisions to make on Iran and Syria.

As we have mentioned before the US and the UK have 135,000 troops and Israel has 6 million people that at risk if Iran develops weapons of mass destruction. There is no room for miscalculation in this issue. Iran is being defiant as it is plays their "cat and mouse" game with the EU reps from Germany, France and Britain who are trying to assure Iran doesn't develop a nuclear weapon's program.

President Bush's Statement on Sept. 13, 2005 regarding Iran:

It is very important for the world to understand that Iran with a nuclear weapon will be incredibly destabilizing. And, therefore, we must work together to prevent them from having the wherewithal to develop a nuclear weapon. It should be a warning to all of us that they have -- in the past, didn't fully disclose their programs, their programs aimed at helping them develop a weapon. They have insisted that they have a civilian nuclear program, and I thought a rational approach to that would be to allow them to receive enriched uranium from a third party under the guise of international inspections that will enable them to have civilian nuclear power without learning how to make a bomb.

Some of us are wondering why they need civilian nuclear power anyway. They're awash with hydrocarbons. Nevertheless, it's a right of a government to want to have a civilian nuclear program. And -- but there ought to be guidelines in which they be allowed to have that civilian nuclear program. And one such guideline would be in such a way that they don't gain the expertise necessary to be able to enrich.

This is a subject of grave concern, and it's something that we're spending a lot of time on in this administration. I want to applaud the Germans and the French and the British for sticking together in developing a common message to the Iranians. And now we'll see how the Iranians respond here on their visit to the United States.

Russia's President Putin will be at the White House today so watch for a posting at the web site of the transcript of their meeting. President Bush will once again emphasize his concerns over Iran. Putin has continued to insist there won't be a problem with Iran developing a nuclear weapons program. Putin is still not happy with the Bush Administration's plan to concentrated out of the Rice State Department democracy to other former Soviet Union countries. As an apparent payback, Putin has increased his envolvement in the Middle East politics and in arms deals with Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and has even offered to provide weapons to the Palestinians.

Additionally, a Russian official on August 17 stated to the world that anyone who attacks Iran's nuclear facilities would pay the consequences, with out an details. This was designed to send a message to the US and Israel.

According to Middle East Newsline, the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction determined that U.S. intelligence had few assets in Iran as well as little direct knowledge of Teheran's missile and nuclear programs. The commission report, in both the classified and unclassified versions, said the CIA has largely failed to penetrate Iran's missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.

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I Will Bless Those Who Bless You - A Bible Study by Jack Kelley -

"I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." (Genesis 12:2-3)

" 'The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Throughout the country that you hold as a possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land. (Leviticus 25:23-24)

Right from the beginning, the Lord made good on His promise to bless those who blessed Abraham and curse those who cursed him. When the kings of 5 nations kidnapped Lot and his family, Abraham went after them, aided by Aner, Eschol, and Mamre, three leaders of the Amorites. When the dust had settled, Lot was freed, the 5 kings were defeated, and the Amorites received a handsome spoil from the King of Sodom (Gen.14). Those who had blessed Abraham were blessed and those who had cursed him were cursed.

When Pharoah tried to prevent the Israelites from leaving Egypt, pursuing them all the way down the Arabian Peninsula, he and his armies were drowned beneath the Red Sea.

When the Amalekites attacked Israel in the desert and were defeated, the Lord declared war on them "from generation to generation." Seen any Amalekites lately?

When Joshua made a pact with the Gibeonites to help the Israelites during the conquest of the land, the Lord honored it, and the Gibeonites were spared. Later when Saul set out to eliminate them from the land the Lord was angered and sent David to apologize and restore them.

The Ammonites, the Edomites, the Moabites, and the Philistines all gave Israel trouble from time to time after they settled in the land. Sometimes God used them as agents of His judgment against disobedient Israel, and other times it was of their own volition. But eventually their animosity toward Israel brought about their destruction. When the Lord sent Babylon to execute His judgment against Israel, He had Nebuchadnezzar destroy those nations completely.

But even the mighty Babylon earned the Lord's displeasure for the way they treated His people. Informing Jeremiah that as soon as Israel's 70-year exile had been completed, He would judge their captors (Jer. 25:12), He then told Babylon,

"I was angry with my people and desecrated my inheritance; I gave them into your hand, and you showed them no mercy. Even on the aged you laid a very heavy yoke. You said, I will continue forever— the eternal queen!' But you did not consider these things or reflect on what might happen.

"Now then, listen, you wanton creature, lounging in your security and saying to yourself, 'I am, and there is none besides me. I will never be a widow or suffer the loss of children.' Both of these will overtake you in a moment, on a single day: loss of children and widowhood. They will come upon you in full measure, in spite of your many sorceries and all your potent spells.

You have trusted in your wickedness and have said, 'No one sees me.' Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you when you say to yourself, 'I am, and there is none besides me.'

Disaster will come upon you, and you will not know how to conjure it away. A calamity will fall upon you that you cannot ward off with a ransom; a catastrophe you cannot foresee will suddenly come upon you." (Isaiah 47:6-11)

At the end of the 70 years, the Lord sent the Medes and Persians against them and the great City of Babylon was conquered. Cyrus the Persian set the Israelites free, returned the loot stolen from the Temple and helped them rebuild Jerusalem. In return the Kingdom of Persia enjoyed several generations of peace and prosperity.

When Alexander the Great came through the Middle East but spared Jerusalem, he was blessed with an unbroken string of victories the likes of which the world had never seen, reaching into Africa and all the way across India.

That Was Then. What About Now?

In modern times Israel's first benefactor was Great Britain. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 made the creation of the modern nation possible and in return the Lord gave the British lands that spanned the globe. "The sun never sets on the British Empire," was their legitimate boast. But in the 1930's when they suddenly changed their tune and began a period of open hostility toward Israel things changed. Today most of that Empire is gone and Britain is no longer the dominant world power.

And now it seems like the US is learning a similar lesson. In the 14 years since the Madrid Conference began, a series of "natural" disasters have struck the US, each on the heels of something we did or helped do that runs contrary to God's declaration concerning the real ownership of the Land of Israel. I've listed them below.

1. October 30, 1991: The Perfect Storm—As President George H. W. Bush is opening the Madrid (Spain) Conference to consider "land for peace" in Israel's Middle East role, the "perfect storm" develops in the North Atlantic, creating the largest waves ever recorded in that region. The storm travels 1000 miles from "east to west" instead of the normal "west to east" pattern and crashes into the New England Coast. Thirty-five foot waves crash into the Kennebunkport home of President Bush.

2. August 23, 1992: Hurricane Andrew—When the Madrid Conference moves to Washington DC and the peace talks resume, Hurricane Andrew, the worst natural disaster ever to hit America, comes ashore and produces an estimated $30 billion in damage and leaving 180,000 homeless in Florida.

3. January 16, 1994: Northridge Earthquake—President Bill Clinton meets with Syria's President Hafez el-Assad in Geneva. They talk about a peace agreement with Israel that includes giving up the Golan Heights. Within 24 hours, a powerful 6.9 earthquake rocks Southern California, This quake, centered in Northridge, becomes the second most destructive natural disaster to hit the United States, behind Hurricane Andrew.

4. January 21, 1998: Lewinsky Scandal—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Clinton at the White House and is coldly received. Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright refuse to have lunch with him. Shortly afterwards on that day, the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks into the mass media and begins to occupy a major portion of Clinton's time.

5. September 28, 1998: Hurricane George—As Secretary of State Albright works on the final details of an agreement in which Israel would give up 13 percent of Yesha (Judah and Samaria), Hurricane George slams into the United States Gulf Coast with 110 mph winds and gusts up to 175 mph. The hurricane hits the coast and stalled. On September 28, Clinton meets with Yasser Arafat and Netanyahu at the White House to finalize this land deal. Later, Arafat addresses the United Nations about declaring an independent Palestinian state by May 1999, as Hurricane George pounds the Gulf Coast, causing $1 billion in damage. At the exact time that Arafat departs the country, the storm begins to dissipate.

6. October 15-22, 1998: Texas Flooded—On October 15, 1998, Arafat and Netanyahu meet at the Wye River Plantation in Maryland. The talks are scheduled to last five days with the focus on Israel giving up 13 percent of Yesha. The talks are extended and conclude on October 23. On October 17, awesome rains and tornadoes hit southern Texas. The San Antonio area is deluged with rain. The rain and flooding in Texas continue until October 22 and then subside. The floods ravage 25 percent of Texas and leave over one billion dollars in damage. On October 21, Clinton declares this section of Texas a major disaster area.

7. November 30, 1998: Market Capitalization Evaporates—Arafat comes to Washington again to meet with President Clinton to raise money for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital. A total of 42 other nations were represented in Washington. All the nations agreed to give Arafat $3 billion in aid. Clinton promised $400 million, and the European nations $1.7 billion. On the same day, the Dow Jones average drops 216 points, and on December 1, the European Market had its third worst day in history. Hundreds of billions of market capitalization were wiped out in the U.S. and Europe.

8. December 12, 1998: Clinton is Impeached—As Clinton lands in the Palestinian-controlled section of Israel to discuss the "land for peace" process, the House of Representatives votes four articles of impeachment against him.

9. May 3, 1999: The Powerful Super Tornado—On the day that Yasser Arafat is scheduled to declare a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital, the most powerful tornado storm system ever to hit the United States sweeps across Oklahoma and Kansas. The winds are clocked at 316 mph the fastest wind speed ever recorded. The declaration is postponed to December 1999 at the request of President Clinton, whose letter to Arafat encourages him in his "aspirations for his own land." He also writes that the Palestinians have a right to "determine their own future on their own land" and that they deserve to "live free, today, tomorrow and forever."

10. Week of October 11, 1999: Hurricane, Earthquake and Dow Collapse—As Jewish settlers in 15 West Bank (Israel) settlements are evicted from the covenant land in Israel, the Dow-Jones financial averages lose 5.7 percent in the worst week since October 1989. On October 15 the Dow lost 266 points, and a hurricane slams into North Carolina. On the next morning, October 16, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocks the southwest in the fifth most powerful earthquake in 20th Century. The earthquake was centered in the California desert and did little damage but was felt in three states. (From

And now we have Hurricane Katrina coming right on the heels of the Gaza evacuation that was supported and even urged upon Israel by the US. Projected to be the most expensive natural disaster in our history, it's the latest in a string of events that most experts agree are too consistent to be mere coincidence, but disagree as to their relevance.

Coincidence Is Not A Kosher Word

Well if it's more than coincidence, then what is it? I believe there are both general and specific issues involved here. First the general. As a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, the US has been blessed beyond measure. One of those blessings is that our way of life has been supernaturally protected by the God in whose name we were founded.

But starting about a generation ago, some Americans began a concerted effort to exclude this benevolent God from our life. While the vast majority disagreed with this effort, we stood by and let it happen. The statutes written into our constitution to guarantee free religious expression were re-interpreted as freedom from religion. School prayer was outlawed, and then all public prayer was challenged. Now some are contending that by merely asking people of faith to pray for the hurricane survivors, President Bush is violating the law. The right of personal choice was expanded to include some forms of murder, and now 40 million children are dead. Homosexuality was first tolerated and then protected, now it's being taught in our schools. The list goes on and on.

God created man with free agency, the right of choice. This includes even the right to accept or reject Him. But with every right comes responsibility, with every choice comes consequences. As we choose to exclude Him, the consequence is a progressive loss of protection. We shouldn't expect Him to go on sheltering us when we're so determined to get Him out of our lives. After all, He's trying to persuade us to return to Him. Blessing us hasn't worked. Perhaps the withdrawal of blessings will.

Now For The Specific.

The lessons of history are unmistakably clear. Those who have blessed Abraham have been blessed, while those who have cursed him have been cursed. When our country makes such an obvious change in course toward Israel as our government has recently made, what right have we to expect anything but disaster? The Law of Cause and Effect is clearly established in the 10 incidents I've listed. Even those who vehemently deny the existence of God have seen the trend.

People of Faith united to determine the outcome of the last election. But on the issue of Israel we're hopelessly divided. Many of us have been so blinded by the heresy called Replacement Theology (it teaches that the Church has replaced Israel in God's plan) that we're like Belshazzar, the spoiled Prince of Babylon. We're trembling in fear but can't read the handwriting on the wall.

We need to forget everything else where Israel's concerned and remember this one thing. God has claimed that land for Himself. No power on Earth is great enough to give even one inch of it to anyone else at any time for any reason without suffering the consequences. We now have eleven clear examples of that truth. How many will it take before we learn?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


The Trumpet is Sounding But No One Is Alarmed
By David Wilkerson

Of all the Old Testament prophets, Amos speaks most clearly to our times. The prophecy he delivers zeroes in on our generation, as if it were ripped from today's headlines. Indeed, Amos' message is a dual prophecy. It was meant not only for God's people in his day, but also for the church right now, in our time.

Amos described God as a roaring lion, ready to strike Israel with judgment:

"The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord God hath spoken, who can but prophesy?"
(Amos 3:8)

The prophet declared,

"God has risen up as a roaring lion, ready to strike his prey. And when I hear this lion's voice roar, I have to warn."

The Lord was using Amos to awaken Israel. What was his message? God was about to send judgment on his people, for their overwhelming evil and corruption.

Of course, the Lord never judges a people without first raising up prophetic voices to warn them.

"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."

Now, as Amos saw the cloud of judgment gathering, he was compelled to speak:

"Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?"

Amos' message here is chilling:

"God has sounded a trumpet of warning to his people. But no one is alarmed."

Right now, few want to hear a message having to do with judgment. Our nation is already filled with fear. We expect another terrorist attack at any minute. And the economy looks bleaker than ever. People are saying, "I can't handle any more."

But the Lord speaks when he will. And his Spirit provides us strength to hear his Word, as delivered by his anointed servants. Our Lord will faithfully empower his people to endure whatever may come. Amos directs his prophecies primarily to the people of God, the compromised church.

When Amos prophesied, he addressed the Gentile nations surrounding Jerusalem. Surely these heathen would fall under God's wrath. They were stealing Israel's borders, waging war against them, and killing their children.

Yet, now Amos said,

"Hear this word that the Lord hath spoken against you, O children of Israel."
(Amos 3:1)

The lion's roar was against Israel itself.

God's people were about to be punished for corrupting the pure worship of the Lord:

"You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities."

There is a divine law echoed throughout Scripture. It says, in essence, "The greater the measure of grace poured upon a people, the greater the judgment will fall on that people, if God's grace is despised." If a people have been given much truth, they're more responsible. And if they corrupt that truth, their judgment will be doubled.

Right now, God is surely judging America for its wickedness. I think of all the ways our nation has removed his name from the public. Growing up, I was taught that America was a Christian nation, founded by godly men who sought freedom to worship the Lord in truth. Of course, South Africa and other nations claim the same origins.

I have no doubt that God has blessed certain nations like America, to help evangelize the world. In its infancy, this country was the greatest missionary-sending nation on earth. America sent pastors, teachers and evangelists all over the globe. Meanwhile, a holy people back home kept back the flood tides of iniquity. Godly leaders, devoted preachers and zealous congregations stood up to honor the Lord's name.

But iniquity began to abound. God's name was mocked. And our nation became pleasure-mad. We turned to idols of wealth, prosperity, material gain. And we quickly lost our zeal and compassion for the lost. Now we're no longer a great missionary-sending nation. Instead, we're exporting a gospel of prosperity and covetousness.

In his great love and wisdom, the Lord has sought to purify our nation with severe chastenings. He's allowed droughts, floods, financial collapses, tornadoes, hurricanes, drastic weather changes. He's sounding the trumpet loudly. But no one is alarmed.

Many ministers claim, "God isn't like that. He isn't behind any of these tragedies. They're all the devil's work." I can't tell you how much these preachers exasperate me. They don't know their Bible. Consider the following word from Amos:

"I...have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord."

God is telling his people clearly that he's about to cause an economic collapse in their midst.

"Also I have withholden the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: and I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it not to rain upon another city: one piece was rained upon, and the piece whereupon it rained not withered."

The Lord is clearly in control of all weather, good or bad.

"So two or three cities wandered unto one city, to drink water; but they were not satisfied."

God is in control of droughts. And right now, entire states are having to ration water, due to severe shortages.

"I have smitten you with blasting and mildew: when your gardens and your vineyards and your fig trees and your olive trees increased, the palmerworm devoured them."

In recent months, New York has been invaded by swarms of Japanese beetles. These pests are killing trees in Central Park and destroying vast acres of forest upstate.

"I have smitten you."

Who is responsible for all these things? God wants it absolutely clear in our minds: he is behind it all.

"I have sent among you the pestilence after the manner of Egypt: your young men have I slain with the sword, and have taken away your horses; and I have made the stink of your camps to come up unto your nostrils: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord."

You can't tell me the Lord isn't behind all the judgments we're experiencing. Many ministers present God as a kindly, doting grandfather. Of course, the Lord is merciful and gracious. But what these shepherds don't understand is that God's judgments are his mercy and grace. He's saying, "Return to me. I've had to send these chastisements to purge your nation and get your attention. You've sinned so deeply, you've blinded yourselves. Now judgment is the only language you'll understand. This is all about my love for you."

Amos prophesied a dual judgment, on the nation and simultaneously on the church.

Amos speaks of God's judgments as "great tumults in the midst thereof" (Amos 3:9). The word tumult means a state of confusion. In other words, the nation would be turned into chaos and disarray by great attacks of violence and terror.

"For they know not to do right, saith the Lord, who store up violence and robbery in their palaces."

What does Amos mean here when he refers to palaces? He's speaking of what we would call big business or large corporations.

Think about the events unfolding in our nation at this moment. Numbers of the most respected businesses in history are being exposed for "robbery in their palaces." CEOs of trusted institutions have cheated stockholders through crooked accounting practices. They've laid off thousands of employees. Meanwhile, they've built up huge nest eggs for themselves. Even as they were impoverishing others, they were securing wealth for their own escape.

Amos declares,

"Thy palaces shall be spoiled."

These once-unshakable corporations are now being bankrupted. Wall Street is quaking. Yet, most dire of all, Amos predicts a plague of fear, because of attacks of terror from coast to coast:

"An adversary there shall be even round about the land; and he shall bring down thy strength from thee."

Could the prophet's words be any more timely? He's warning, "An enemy is going to hurl down your crowns of splendor. Those palaces of power and wealth you've gloried in will be razed to the ground."

After all this, an economic lion will appear, devouring the wealth and prosperity of those who got rich by their theft:

"As the shepherd taketh out of the mouth of the lion two legs, or a piece of an ear; so shall the children of Israel be taken out that dwell in Samaria in the corner of a bed, and in Damascus in a couch."

When a lion devours its prey, it eats until there's nothing left but bone. That's exactly what Amos says this enemy will do to the luxurious rich. He'll leave nothing but bare remnants of their ill-gotten wealth. Amos tells them, "You thought you were safe because of the millions you secured. But a roaring lion is going to devour it all. When he's finished, there will be nothing left but a carcass."

Beloved, the same trumpet of warning is being sounded again in America today. But very few people are alarmed.

God says while he is visiting his judgments upon the nations, he will also visit the church.

Scripture says judgment begins in the house of God. Indeed, before the Lord strikes any nation, he will reveal his wrath in his church: "Hear ye, and testify in the house of Jacob, that in the day that I shall visit the transgressions of Israel upon him I will also visit the altars of Bethel" (Amos 3:13-14). The house of Jacob here represents the church, God's people. Think about what Amos has prophesied to this point: God would most assuredly judge every nation that turned its back on him. He would allow wicked adversaries to plunder and terrorize those nations. And every person who turned to godless pleasures and debauchery would be humbled and brought low. Yet, amid all these things, God's primary concern was still his church. He was preoccupied with his people, those who called themselves by his name. It doesn't matter if our government removes God's name from our coins, our courthouses, our schools and public gatherings. None of these things grieves the Lord as much as the wickedness in his church. God laughs at the ungodly's foolish attempts to push him out of society. Their day of reckoning has already begun. Even now they're being visited by his wrath. But the people who hurt God the most are his own family. He's wounded most deeply by the wickedness of his children.

The Lord now turned his focus to what was happening at Israel's altars. The name Bethel means "house of God, place of pure worship." It was once said of these altars, "The Lord is in this place" (Genesis 28:16). Indeed, Jacob called Bethel a dreadful place (see 28:17). By this he meant a place of reverence, because God manifested his presence there.

Bethel was where Jacob envisioned the ladder stretching upward to heaven. It was a holy place of worship, where God met those who sought him in purity. Often throughout Israel's history, the Lord referred to himself as "the God of Bethel." And at one point, he instructed Jacob to return to Bethel to restore the altars there.

In short, God was telling Israel, "I'm about to judge your wicked nation. The world will tremble because of the war and violence that will come upon you. I'll send floods, droughts, pestilence, blastings of mildew. Your economies will be shattered, your wealth devoured. Yet, at the same time I do these things, I'm going to visit Bethel also. I'm going to pour out judgment on my people, because they've polluted my altars. I'm going to punish them for their corrupt worship."

This had happened before at Bethel. When Jeroboam became king, he corrupted the worship there:

"The king...made two calves of gold, and said ...behold thy gods...And he set the one in Bethel, and the other put he in Dan. And this thing became a sin: for the people went to worship...and [he] made priests of the lowest of the people, which were not of the sons of Levi."
(1 Kings 12:28-31)

First, Jeroboam erected idols in the worship places. Then he took the criminal element of society, people who had no heart for God, and named them priests. Israel's worship was totally corrupted, because it came from wicked, sinful hearts. So, from Jeroboam's rule down to Amos' day, God despised Bethel as a place of mixture. And he finally judged this false worship. He brought down the altar there, ripping it apart.

Today, there remains a spirit of Bethel in the church. It's a backslidden spiritual condition. And its main feature is a worship of mixture that's meant to draw crowds. It's an outward show of flesh, full of zeal and exuberance. But it's without any holiness whatsoever. And it's ensnaring many in these last days. The more that people believe this worship is of God, the blinder they become. And the Lord is set to judge it all. He warns, "If you're involved in this corrupt worship, you're only multiplying your sins."

Again God urged, "Offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving with leaven, and proclaim and publish the free offerings" (Amos 4:5). Why did he say this? It was because the law forbade any leaven in a meat offering to be consumed by fire (see Leviticus 2:11). Moreover, leavened bread was meant only for priests. Likewise, every thanksgiving offering of bread was to be

"unleavened cakes mingled with oil, and unleavened wafers anointed with oil."

These unleavened offerings were all intended as illustrations. They signified praises that were pure. Throughout Scripture, leaven is seen as a type of sinful flesh. It was sometimes used to refer to leprosy. God's message here is clear:

"Your praise offerings are full of flesh. I will accept only those sacrifices that are sanctified, offered by clean hands and pure hearts. There can be no leaven, no fleshly indulgence, in my presence." "Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully."
(Psalm 24:3-4)

Outwardly, the Bethel worshippers were very religious. They zealously sacrificed every morning. And they were faithful to tithe and give. Once again, God urged them,

"Bring your sacrifices every morning, and your tithes."
(Amos 4:4)

He saw these people begin every day by praising and worshipping. They were joyful as they went to their praise gatherings. Indeed, the movement of Bethel worship became so popular, it extended to cities throughout the region, from Bethel to Gilgal to Beersheba. But the Lord warned them all:

"Seek not Bethel, nor enter into Gilgal, and pass not to Beersheba...(it) shall come to nought."

God was about to bring everything down. He was going to consume all their leavened sacrifices of praise and worship. Why? Because the people

"...leave off righteousness in the earth."

Thank God for the acceptable, holy, high praises that rise to him. God still has a holy, separated remnant whose sacrifices of praise are pure. These godly saints aren't caught up in worldly pursuits. Their worship has the sound of mighty, rushing waters. And they're brokenhearted before the Lord, having a holy reverence for him. Out of such reverence come glorious shouts of praise.

Yet multitudes in the church are always looking for some new thing. They want new and exciting ways to worship God. So they seek out Bethel altars, where the praises sound loud and joyful. But the worship in these places is led by men who don't weep over the sin in God's house. Their praises may be exuberant and colorful. But there's no true presence of Christ. And there's no protection against the deception of the flesh.

It was probably exciting to take part in the praise gatherings at Bethel. But those worshippers had no concern for the things of God. They didn't help the poor or reach out to the needy. Instead, their praises were full of flesh and leaven. Amos warned,

"Seek the Lord...lest he break out like fire in the house of Joseph."
(Amos 5:6)

Likewise, let me offer this warning from the Lord: does your pastor not preach a sin-exposing word? Is there no godly reproof, no call to repentance, no warning to forsake sin? Then you're probably worshipping at a Bethel altar. And you're in great danger of being deceived. God declared,

"I will also visit the altars of Bethel: and the horns of the altar shall be cut off, and fall to the ground."

This was a devastating word. In the Old Testament, the wooden altar in the temple had four carved horns attached to its corners. These horns were covered with brass, and were in the shape of a ram's horns. The horns represented the right of sanctuary. By laying hold of them, an offender placed himself under the protection of God's saving, keeping grace. As a young boy, I heard many godly old-timers say, "I'm safe, Lord. I've laid hold of the horns of the altar."

We see this kind of sanctuary illustrated in the life of David's son, Adonijah. This rebellious man had tried to usurp the throne of Israel. But David's other son, Solomon, issued a death warrant for Adonijah. Panicked, Adonijah ran to the temple and grabbed hold of the horns of the altar. His life was spared.

Now God was telling Amos he would cut off those awesome horns of protection. The Lord was going to sever the horns from the altar and cast them to the ground. This meant the people would no longer be under his protection. Instead, they would be open to great deception. They would have no security against false doctrines or false worship.

I've seen the awful results of worshipping at an altar without horns. In Africa, multitudes are coming from around the world to hear a man who claims God gave him prophecies in his mother's womb. Americans especially are traveling by the hundreds to receive a "personal prophecy" from this man. But the message is totally unbiblical and blasphemous. These unwise seekers are being snared by a deception.

In a Balkan state, a prophetess claims to lead people through trips to hell. The woman used to be a witch, and she says she once was in hell herself. She instructs people to lie on the floor and release their minds, while she guides them on an imaginary trip through what she experienced. People are flocking to her for the experience. But it's all unscriptural, an utter confusion. Indeed, there's something evil underlying this work.

In Brazil, an evangelist promises to heal cancer in people for $1,000. He also performs exorcisms for a fee. He has developed a huge following, and he's getting rich from his claims. Yet it's utterly unbiblical, a complete deception.

America itself has become the world's worst pusher of deceptive gospels. How? Christians have become biblically illiterate. They don't bother to read God's Word anymore. They're not willing to fast or spend time in prayer. Instead, they run here and there, seeking out the flesh-pleasing teaching of some compromised evangelist.

How could multitudes of believers fall for such deceptions? How could they be so easily led astray? How did these masses become so blind to false works of the flesh? Amos tells us why: their protective walls are down, because of sin. God has removed the horns from the altar. And the people have lost all discernment. Such believers will be among the first to embrace the Antichrist.

God says when he visits his church, he's going to shut down everything that's polluted.

"In all vineyards [churches] shall be wailing: for I will pass through thee, saith the Lord. Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! To what end is it for you? The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light...I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies. Though ye offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings, I will not accept them...Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream."
(Amos 5:17-24)

God's message is clear: until his righteousness begins to flow in our midst, cleansing our hearts, we won't be able to give him a true sacrifice of worship. Praises that come from hearts filled with lust and covetousness are but noise in his ears. He won't accept the worship of those who seek only pleasure or refuse to forgive others.

Amid all these prophetic warnings, Amos delivers this word of hope:

"Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live: and so the Lord, the God of hosts, shall be with you, as ye have spoken. Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the Lord God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph."

I urge you, heed Amos' message. Seek the Lord with all your heart. Allow yourself to be judged by his Word. Confess and forsake your sin. Then God will bless you with discernment. You'll know whether you're worshipping at a Bethel altar. And you'll be able to worship him in Spirit and in truth.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Iran jubilant about Katrina - World Net Daily

Revolutionary Guards see opportunity to 'create devastated war zone in U.S.'

WASHINGTON – Iran, which has experimented with missile detonations that can create nuclear electromagnetic pulse attacks capable of crippling U.S. electrical grids and computer technology, is taking notice of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

Griffen Eleby stands near his Chrysler sedan in downtown New Orleans Monday, Aug. 29, 2005. The car was crushed by bricks that fell due to Hurricane Katrina (photo: St. Petersburg Times)

Iran's Revolutionary Guards conclude the deadly storm has exposed America's strategic vulnerabilities, according to reports today on the Ansa-e Hezbollah website.

"The mismanagement and the mishandling of the acute psychological problems brought about by Hurricane Katrina clearly showed that others can, at any given time, create a devastated war zone in any part of the U.S.," said Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri, the official spokesman of the Revolutionary Guard.

The Revolutionary Guards' spokesman said the U.S.' inability to end the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan showed the "weakness of America's defense and state departments, as well as its intelligence and security apparatus."

"If the U.S. attacks Iran, each of America's states will face a crisis the size of Katrina," he said, referring to the massive hurricane which hit the southern coast of the United States. "The smallest mistake by America in this regard will result in every single state in that country turning into a disaster zone."

The Iranian war planners believe the U.S. can be defeated in a confrontation with Iran.

"How could the White House, which is impotent in the face of a storm and a natural disaster, enter a military conflict with the powerful Islamic Republic of Iran, particularly with the precious experience that we gained in the eight-year war with Iraq?" said Jazayeri.

The hurricane shows that "contrary to public perception, the strength of America's leadership is like a balloon, which can easily burst."

"Precise information from inside America shows a lack of coordination among military, security, and political agencies in that country and brings to light the fact that others can cause many times the amount of damage compared to the blows they may receive," he said.

Jazayeri predicted that under the right circusmtances the U.S. could be made to "disintegrate into smaller independent states" – adding this was "feasible from a scientific, logical, and political point of view."

He also called attention to the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, saying the response by the White House was weak.

"Don't forget one thing about that day," he said. "The U.S. president and all the American leaders ran away and hid themselves."

Last April, WorldNetDaily and Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin first reported Iran not only was covertly developing nuclear weapons, it was testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America's technical infrastructure, effectively neutralizing the world's lone superpower, according to U.S. intelligence sources, top scientists and western missile industry experts.

The radical Shiite regime conducted successful tests to determine if its Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, can be detonated by a remote-control device while still in high-altitude flight.

Scientists, including President Reagan's top science adviser, William R. Graham, say there is no other explanation for such tests than preparation for the deployment of electromagnetic pulse weapons – even one of which could knock out America's critical electrical and technological infrastructure, effectively sending the continental U.S. back to the 19th century with a recovery time of months or years.

Iran will have that capability – at least theoretically – as soon as it has one nuclear bomb ready to arm such a missile. North Korea, a strategic ally of Iran, already boasts such capability.

In March, Congress heard testimony about the use of such weapons and the threat they pose from rogue regimes.

Iran surprised intelligence analysts by describing the mid-flight detonations of missiles fired from ships on the Caspian Sea as "successful" tests. Even primitive Scud missiles could be used for this purpose. And top U.S. intelligence officials reminded members of Congress that there is a glut of these missiles on the world market. They are currently being bought and sold for about $100,000 each.

Detonated at a height of 60 to 500 kilometers above the continental U.S., one nuclear warhead could cripple the country – knocking out electrical power and circuit boards and rendering the U.S. domestic communications impotent.

While Iran still insists officially it is only developing nuclear power for peaceful civilian purposes, the mid-flight detonation missile tests have persuaded U.S. military planners and intelligence agencies that Tehran can only be planning such an attack, which depends on the availability of at least one nuclear warhead.

The Revolutionary Guards could only be thinking in terms of nuclear or electromagnetic pulse attacks on the U.S. in their thinking about creating havoc of the kind caused by Katrina.

In March, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security chaired by Sen. John Kyl, held a hearing on the electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, threat.

"An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the American homeland, said one of the distinguished scientists who testified at the hearing, is one of only a few ways that the United States could be defeated by its enemies – terrorist or otherwise," wrote Kyl "And it is probably the easiest. A single Scud missile, carrying a single nuclear weapon, detonated at the appropriate altitude, would interact with the Earth's atmosphere, producing an electromagnetic pulse radiating down to the surface at the speed of light. Depending on the location and size of the blast, the effect would be to knock out already stressed power grids and other electrical systems across much or even all of the continental United States, for months if not years."

The purpose of an EMP attack, unlike a nuclear attack on land, is not to kill people, but "to kill electrons," as Graham explained. He served as chairman of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack and was director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and science adviser to the president during the Reagan administration.

Graham told G2B he could think of no other reason for Iran to be experimenting with mid-air detonation of missiles than for the planning of an EMP-style attack.

"EMP offers a bigger bang for the buck," he said. He also suggested such an attack makes a U.S. nuclear response against a suspected enemy less likely than would the detonation of a nuclear bomb in a major U.S. city.

A 2004 report by the commission found "several potential adversaries have or can acquire the capability to attack the United States with a high-altitude nuclear weapons-generated electromagnetic pulse. A determined adversary can achieve an EMP attack capability without having a high level of sophistication."

"EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences," the report said. "EMP will cover the wide geographic region within line of sight to the nuclear weapon. It has the capability to produce significant damage to critical infrastructures and thus to the very fabric of U.S. society, as well as to the ability of the United States and Western nations to project influence and military power."

The major impact of EMP weapons is on electronics, "so pervasive in all aspects of our society and military, coupled through critical infrastructures," explained the report.

"Their effects on systems and infrastructures dependent on electricity and electronics could be sufficiently ruinous as to qualify as catastrophic to the nation," Lowell Wood, acting chairman of the commission, told members of Congress.

The commission report went so far as to suggest, in its opening sentence, that an EMP attack "might result in the defeat of our military forces."

"Briefly, a single nuclear weapon exploded at high altitude above the United States will interact with the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetic field to produce an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiation down to the Earth and additionally create electrical currents in the Earth," said the report. "EMP effects are both direct and indirect. The former are due to electrical systems, and the latter arise from the damage that 'shocked' – upset, damaged and destroyed – electronics controls then inflict on the systems in which they are embedded. The indirect effects can be even more severe than the direct effects."

The EMP threat is not a new one considered by U.S. defense planners. The Soviet Union had experimented with the idea as a kind of super-weapon against the U.S.

"What is different now is that some potential sources of EMP threats are difficult to deter – they can be terrorist groups that have no state identity, have only one or a few weapons and are motivated to attack the U.S. without regard for their own safety," explains the commission report. "Rogue states, such as North Korea and Iran, may also be developing the capability to pose an EMP threat to the United States and may also be unpredictable and difficult to deter."

Graham describes the potential "cascading effect" of an EMP attack. If electrical power is knocked out and circuit boards fried, telecommunications are disrupted, energy deliveries are impeded, the financial system breaks down, food, water and gasoline become scarce.

As Kyl put it: "Few if any people would die right away. But the loss of power would have a cascading effect on all aspects of U.S. society. Communication would be largely impossible. Lack of refrigeration would leave food rotting in warehouses, exacerbated by a lack of transportation as those vehicles still working simply ran out of gas (which is pumped with electricity). The inability to sanitize and distribute water would quickly threaten public health, not to mention the safety of anyone in the path of the inevitable fires, which would rage unchecked. And as we have seen in areas of natural and other disasters, such circumstances often result in a fairly rapid breakdown of social order."

"American society has grown so dependent on computer and other electrical systems that we have created our own Achilles' heel of vulnerability, ironically much greater than those of other, less developed nations," the senator wrote. "When deprived of power, we are in many ways helpless, as the New York City blackout made clear. In that case, power was restored quickly because adjacent areas could provide help. But a large-scale burnout caused by a broad EMP attack would create a much more difficult situation. Not only would there be nobody nearby to help, it could take years to replace destroyed equipment."

The commission said hardening key infrastructure systems and procuring vital backup equipment such as transformers is both feasible and – compared with the threat – relatively inexpensive.

"But it will take leadership by the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Department, and other federal agencies, along with support from Congress, all of which have yet to materialize," wrote Kyl, so far the only elected official blowing the whistle this alarming development.

Kyl concluded in his report: "The Sept. 11 commission report stated that our biggest failure was one of 'imagination.' No one imagined that terrorists would do what they did on Sept. 11. Today few Americans can conceive of the possibility that terrorists could bring our society to its knees by destroying everything we rely on that runs on electricity. But this time we've been warned, and we'd better be prepared to respond."

Saturday, September 10, 2005


09-11-2001 Memories-Hope

I am a tear. I am born. I fall from the sky. I land on
the earth to begin my life. I am sterile. I am water.
I am clear but EMPTY. What am I here for? What is my
purpose? I search for FULL-fullness. My last memory is
not pleasant. 9-11-01. I am over run by thick dry
dirt, attempting to wipe out my existence. I have not
yet had a chance to live. I feel pain. I am immobile.
I must break free. I must live. Part of me escapes, as
a small and discolored drip. My progress is slowed. I
am no longer whole. A large part of who, and what I
am, was left behind, trapped forever in the dirt, a
constant reminder of my past experience in the
darkness. I find strength and once again move onward
into the unknown, to live. To find purpose, with hope,
I move on. A gentle breeze blows. I feel myself
moving. I hope in the right direction. The wind picks
up. Unexpectedly I find myself soaring with the wind
and landing in a green meadow. I have landed on the
petal of a beautiful flower. My future was up in the
air, though, now I am grounded. I am not whole, though
I am at piece. Will this be my purpose and my place in
the world? I look to the sky while a lark passes
overhead. I watch, in wonder and mystery at the gentle
bird soaring in the wind.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Inside the White House — Bill Koenig

We are watching an unprecedented moment in our history. We need to pray for our leaders and all those involved in this catastrophe — which is of biblical proportions. Again, just as with the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the event has been so huge that the secular media has ironically resorted to using biblical terminology to describe what has happened and what the U.S. is experiencing.

Another Tough Week for the White House

This was another very difficult week for President George W. Bush and his White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan. As MSNBC stated, the Bush White House is known for its ability to remain in control of its message and image, sliding out of crises with barely a scratch. Not this time.

The White House was on the defense for a few days until it decided to stonewall any further dissection of their pre- and post-Katrina efforts, saying the inquiry into the Katrina event will bring matters to the surface. They said that, for now, they don't have anything further to say and would prefer the focus to be on helping people. The White House has had a difficult summer already, shaken by the war in Iraq and its death toll exceeding 1,880.

The Blame Game

The U.S. media is still very angry about Bush winning the 2004 U.S. presidential election.

The Democratic Party has very weak leadership and a "loose cannon" in Howard Dean, their national chairman. They are grasping at anything to discredit President Bush. Dean used the race card this week in an effort to attack President Bush's Katrina response.

The Clintons are using the Katrina disaster to draw attention to themselves. I still don't fully know or understand the reason President Bush included Bill Clinton in the Indian Ocean tsunami aid effort and, now, the Hurricane Katrina fund raising. Clinton, true to form, immediately chastised the relief effort and "bit the hand" that was responsible for providing him national exposure.

While there are some storm-related news stories about the response, second-guessing at this point is not helpful. The feeding frenzy I witnessed in the White House press briefings this week was very contentious. How do you plan for and/or respond to the largest and most costly disaster in U.S. history?

Incredible Parallels Between Israel and the U.S. Evacuations

Below are President Bush's statements pertaining to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Israel's completion of their disengagement evacuation. These excerpts are from speeches on Aug. 22–23.

President Honors Veterans of Foreign Wars at National Convention Salt Palace Convention Center – Salt Lake City, Utah – Aug. 22, 2005

Note: The following is an excerpt from President Bush's speech pertaining to Israel.

In the heart of the Middle East, a hopeful story is unfolding. After decades of shattered promises and stolen lives, peace is within reach in the Holy Land. The Palestinian people have expressed their desire for sovereignty and peace in free and fair elections. President Abbas has rejected violence and taken steps toward democratic reform. This past week, Prime Minister Sharon and the Israeli people took a courageous and painful step by beginning to remove settlements in Gaza and parts of the northern West Bank. The Israeli disengagement is an historic step that reflects the bold leadership of Prime Minister Sharon.

Both Israelis and Palestinians have elected governments committed to peace and progress, and the way forward is clear. We're working for a return to the road map. We're helping the Palestinians to prepare for self-government and to defeat terrorists who attack Israel, and terrorists who oppose the establishment of a peaceful Palestinian state. We're providing $50 million in direct assistance to the Palestinians for new housing and infrastructure projects in Gaza. We remain fully committed to defending the security and well-being of our friend and ally, Israel, and we demand an end to terrorism and violence in every form, because we know that progress toward peace depends on an end to terror. We'll continue working for the day when the map of the Middle East shows two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace and security.

President Bush Talks with White House Press Pool Tamarack Resort – Donnelly, Idaho – Aug. 23, 2005 (

Note: The following is an excerpt from President Bush's press briefing. He congratulates Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on the completion of the Gaza evacuation.

First of all, I want to congratulate Prime Minister Sharon for having made a very tough decision. As I said in my remarks yesterday in Salt Lake City, the Prime Minister made a courageous decision to withdraw from the Gaza. We have got Jim Wolfensohn, the former head of the World Bank, on the ground, helping President Abbas develop a government that responds to the will of the folks in Gaza. In other words, this is step one in the development of a democracy.

And so to answer your question, what must take place next is the establishment of a working government in Gaza, a government that responds to the people. President Abbas has made a commitment to fight off the violence, because he understands a democracy can't exist with terrorist groups trying to take the law into their own hands.

Along these lines, we've also got Gen. Ward on the ground, helping the Palestinians consolidate their security forces. It turns out that the post-Arafat regime is one of different factions and different security forces that were really in place to kind of maintain his power, but not necessarily to protect the overall security of the Palestinian people. It's in their interest to consolidate the security forces, so that there is a — the government has got a vehicle and a group of folks by which to help enforce order.

You asked about the road map. Of course you want to get back to the road map. But I understand that in order for this process to go forward, there must be confidence — confidence that the Palestinian people will have in their own government to perform, confidence with the Israelis that they'll see a peaceful state emerging. And therefore it's very important for the world to stay focused on Gaza, and helping Gaza — helping the Gaza economy get going, helping rebuild the settlements for Gaza — for the people of Gaza.

This is a very hopeful period. Again, I applaud Prime Minister Sharon for making a decision that has really changed the dynamics on the ground, and has really provided hope for the Palestinian people. My vision, my hope, is that one day we'll see two states — two democratic states — living side-by-side in peace.

Tropical Depression 12 Becomes Katrina

Israel's disengagement evacuation and eviction began on Wednesday, Aug. 17, and ended on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

According to CNN, Israel evacuated the last settlers and protesters from the West Bank settlement of Homesh on Tuesday, Aug. 23, completing its historic withdrawal of civilians from 25 settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. (Gaza's final evacuation occurred on Monday, Aug. 22.)

"Today, we accomplished the first phase of the disengagement process ... related to evacuation of the civilians," said Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz.

Israeli forces planned to remove the settlers' belongings, destroy their houses and then withdraw from Gaza.

Authorities used force at times on Tuesday, Aug. 23, to clear the two remaining West Bank settlements — Homesh and Sanur.

On Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 23, 2005, Tropical Depression 12 formed. By 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 24, the newly-formed tropical depression was upgraded to Tropical Storm Katrina; and by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 25, Katrina became a hurricane. On Friday, Aug. 26, Hurricane Katrina hit Southeast Florida. By Monday, Aug. 29, Katrina had become a fierce and enormous Category 4 hurricane that hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama — devastating the city of New Orleans. It is now being called the largest natural disaster in U.S. history.

Israel's Gaza and northern Samaria settlements were under military occupation during the time of the evacuation, and New Orleans was under military occupation as they attempted to restore order. As in a war zone, military bases are being established in a city divided into sectors, while the navy has moved warships up the Mississippi for helicopter operations.

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2005, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon authorized the mandatory evacuation of residents refusing to evacuate Gaza.

On, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, an hour after New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered the mandatory evacuation of the crippled Crescent City — by force, if necessary, soldiers began coaxing some of Hurricane Katrina's holdouts from their homes due to fire and disease risks.

"We have thousands of people who want to voluntarily evacuate at this time," Police Chief Eddie Compass said, adding that once they all were out, "we'll concentrate our forces on mandatory evacuation."

Israeli settlers stated that the Gaza and Samaria evictions will go down as the worst abandonment of Jews in history and the largest forced evacuation in Israel's history.

Katrina has produced the largest mass migration and evacuation in U.S. history as hundreds of thousands of people were forced from their homes. The media and the Democrats say the White House abandoned black residents of New Orleans by not getting them help fast enough.

Aaron Brousard, the president of Louisiana's Jefferson Parish, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that the response to Hurricane Katrina will go down as one of the worst abandonments of Americans on American soil ever in U.S. history."

Nine thousand Israelis were evicted by their government. Shortly thereafter, one million Americans were evicted by Hurricane Katrina.

Israeli security teams went from home to home to evict Israelis, while teams of soldiers went home to home in New Orleans evicting people.

Israel has an evacuee problem with people spread throughout Israel in hotels, lodged in makeshift homes, and living in tents. Texas and other U.S. states are absorbing record numbers of Katrina evacuees.

President Bush's home state of Texas has more than 250,000 evacuees. Houston's Astrodome is filled with 33,000 people. There are 150,000 refugees in Houston's 55,000 hotel rooms, 20 Red Cross facilities and 20 faith-based shelters.

While 2,700 homes were demolished in Gaza and 300 homes in northern Samaria, tens of thousands of homes were demolished in the Southern U.S., with many more severely damaged.

Businesses were forcefully abandoned in Gaza Israel — many businesses will have to be abandoned in Louisiana and other Gulf Coast cities.

Buses took Israelis out of Gaza and northern Samaria to their temporary homes while buses took New Orleans residents to their temporary homes in Texas and other southern states.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon saw the largest eviction of Jews in Israel's history. President Bush will oversee the largest natural disaster and displacement of people in U.S. history.

Yet despite the enormous influx from across the U.S. of National Guard, reservists, units of the federal army and marines, the coastguard, airmen, firefighters from Los Angeles and even Texas game wardens in boats, the logistics of evacuating the remaining residents from the flooded suburbs, and collecting possibly thousands of bodies, present enormous challenges. They also expose flaws in management structure and communications.

Gush Katif was a very important agricultural area for Israel. New Orleans' port exported much of the Midwest's agricultural production.


The replacement theology advocates and/ or believers who believe the Church has replaced the Jewish people as God's chosen, not grafted in according to Romans 11, see Katrina as a tragic event and no connection to judgment over Israel's recent evacuation and/or the sins of the U.S.

Those who believe the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and don't see Bible prophecy as allegorical, see Katrina as judgment and/or the birth pangs that will lead to much more in the days ahead.

Isn't it sadly ironic that the three areas of greatest debate in the church today are whether: (1) the land of Israel should (or should not) be divided, (2) the Church has replaced Israel, and (3) God has a hand in enormous natural disasters.

Today, the media and many in our communities say Mother Nature is responsible for major disasters, rather than calling them "acts of God" — which can be very convicting to those who don't acknowledge God's existence.

As I have shared before, when there were major disasters in the 18th and 19th centuries, American pastors typically called for national and/or regional repentance for the sins of the people. Today, we hear very little of that, especially from those who attend replacement theology churches.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


America's Fall From Grace; Does Katrina Mark A Beginning Decline? - By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst -

WASH—Sep 7—KIN—State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters that the United States would not decline any offer of disaster relief from any foreign nation or organization. With that, Major George Hood of the Salvation Army has revealed that for the first time in history, foreign donations have been received by America for a natural disaster.

Over 70 nations had pledged support as of Tuesday night, including Cuba, Russia and China, as well as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. France, Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia, Britain, NATO and more have pledged support. And Hood said that the intensity of the donations from Americans is keeping pace or exceeding those that were received for 9/11. He admitted that it was a strange feeling to receive donations from foreign countries for a disaster in the U.S. given that the U.S. is usually on the giving end rather than the receiving one.

Already the mainstream news media has been sizing up America for a blame game and Presidential wannabe Hilary Clinton has obliged by calling for a 9/11-type commission to investigate why relief efforts were so slow. Certainly, reality television took a new twist with real life drama unfolding before American's eyes as the winds and floodwaters ripped apart property and lives throughout Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

All fingers point to the "government," whoever that is, that is the blame for the hurricane disaster. Ultimately, the mayor of disaster devastated New Orleans failed in so many ways to lead his people to safety and to preserve order once the devastation was wrought. The mayor ordered police to ignore the looters, opting to focus on rescue operations, such that they were. This resulted in snipers shooting at rescue helicopters; swat teams killing looters who were shooting at workers trying to stop hemorrhaging dykes in New Orleans, and even hostage situations downtown—not to mention rapes, murders and thieving.

It hardly took a day for New Orleans thugs to take over the city and spur newspaper headlines throughout Europe of anarchy—a glimpse of America at its worst, but perhaps a prophetic gander at the future in the event of more natural or man-made disasters.

All this while Louisiana's governor was wasting time hiring a Clinton Administration disaster expert to coordinate relief efforts instead of turning over the National Guard in the state to the federal government. Fox News's Shepherd Smith and Geraldo Rivera were crying angry about the conditions of people, babies and the elderly, on national television, demanding an explanation why the media could get access to New Orleans, but food, water and rescue personnel were not allowed in. Once the feds took control, refugees were evacuated within eight hours, making for visibly strained relations between President George W. Bush, who is no stranger to disasters, and the Democratic politicos of Louisiana and New Orleans.

The blame game, now in full gear, Democrats are trying to make political hay while the skies clear, not even waiting until the debris and bodies are cleaned up. The entire disaster was the fault of President Bush, they say. And liberals in the German and French governments would agree—the President's refusal to participate in the Kyoto treaty combating global warming actually caused the warm waters meeting with the cool air igniting the tropical depression that soon became Katrina.

Prophetically speaking, the blame may be partly Bush's. The Bible is clear that those who come against Israel, Jerusalem, will be cut in pieces. Certainly, the week before Katrina, in the midst of Jews evicting Jews from their land for the first time in history, the television newscasts were airing pictures of Israeli Defense Forces dragging settlers from their homes with the voices in the background saying, "And this eviction is supported, even pressured, by the Untied States of America and President George W. Bush."

While is it ludicrous to blame the President for the hurricane, Bible prophecies are in play. As the last settlement was cleared in Gaza, Katrina was swirling about in the ocean. Meantime, New Orleans was rolling out the welcome mat for "Southern Decadence" a mardi-gras type celebration for homosexuals, which was cancelled last year because of a hurricane. Gambling casinos were gearing up for another record weekend of earnings and the sin machine was in motion days prior to Katrina's blast.

The combination of sin in New Orleans and the American support of disengagement in Israel could very well have resulted in judgment in the form of hurricane Katrina. The loss of life so far cannot be calculated. The cost to rebuild, replaces, and relocate will likely far exceed the $25 billion originally suggested.

The wealth of America is undeniably marked. Gasoline prices have skyrocketed. The economy, which was steaming along nicely, could possibly be thrown into recession. The impact could be more than a thousand dollars a year for every family. And symbolically, as much as anything else, an American President actually asked other nations for financial assistance.

As in Jeremiah 51, where the Lord said He would bring up the seas against the cities of Babylon, New Orleans has been destroyed. And the mighty nation of the United States, financially spread thin by the war on terror and the massive government funding secular projects around the world, is hit so hard economically that the president of the United States has asked for financial aid of the other nations, including our enemies. Does this mark the beginning or a milestone of condemnation on America and the "settling in" so to speak of her end-time prophetic destiny?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


World War III: Four Years and Counting - By Steven Stalinsky

The Arab press — not only what they are saying to the West, but what they are whispering to each other. We believe you will be sickened. But you will certainly better understand the war on terror and what we are up against | The war against the West which was brought to the U.S. on September 11, 2001 has continued throughout the world in places such as Spain and London — which has been referred to by leading Arab writers as "a chapter in World War III". The attacks have included slitting throats, beheadings, blowing up planes, trains, and buses and are purposely brutal to instill terror. One notable example includes the suicide car bombing of a crowd of children receiving candy from U.S. soldiers in Iraq, killing 24 of them on July 14, 2005.

As the fourth anniversary of 9/11 approaches it is worth reviewing what President Bush said to the American people on September 15, 2001: "This is a conflict without battlefields … a conflict with opponents who believe they are invisible… Victory against terrorism will not take place in a single battle, but in a series of decisive actions … You will be asked for your patience; for, the conflict will not be short… You will be asked for your strength, because the course to victory may be long…"

It is also important not to forget 9/11 took a long time to plan and implement as Al-Qaeda has promised more attacks are on the way. As a reminder, last month we heard from Osama bin Laden's deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri twice including August 4th on Al-Jazzera: "Oh Americans, what you have seen in New York and Washington… are nothing but the casualties of the initial clashes…"

Other Al-Qaeda leaders have warned of future attacks. Islamists websites in June 2002 quoted the group's spokesman at the time, Suleiman Abu Gheith, promising Al-Qaeda will be "continuing our blows against the U.S." and that "America must prepare itself… Allah willing the blow will come from where they least expect it." He warned: "We have the right to kill 4 million Americans — 2 million of them children — and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands …"

Islamist websites also carried an interview with Abu Salma Al-Hijazi, a close associate of bin Laden in November 2003 promising a "huge and very courageous strike" by Al-Qaeda. He predicted the number of "infidels" killed will exceed 100,000 warning: "We are patient," and that "our patience will only end with the collapse of America and its agents."

Mahfouz Walad Al-Walid, otherwise known as Abu Hafs "the Mauritanian" was interviewed on November 30, 2001 on Al-Jazeera explaining Al-Qaeda's philosophy: "One of the acts of grace of this generation was to kill the Americans, to incite to this killing, to fight in the Jihad against them with full force. I and my brothers in the Al-Qaeda organization… swore an oath to carry out the mission…" Abu Hafs made an ominous warning that the U.S. will be destroyed: "In our opinion, America has entered the phase of the beginning of the end."

Al-Qaeda's stance on the destruction of the U.S. is shared by many prominent Islamic scholars who frequently appear in the Arab media. One example is Saudi professor Nasser Bin Suleiman Al-Omar, speaking on the Saudi owned Al-Majd TV on June 13, 2004: "Today, America is defeated. I have no doubt, not even for a minute that America is on its way to destruction. But as Ibn Khaldoun said, just as it takes decades for nations to rise, it takes them decades to collapse. They don't collapse overnight… It will be destroyed gradually. America will be destroyed. But we must be patient."

The amount of talk on Arab TV calling for the destruction of the U.S. as well as ongoing celebrations of 9/11 cannot be understated. One such example is Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Masri who appeared on Al-Majd TV on March 2, 2005. He explained what is was like being in New York on 9/11 to an Arab audience who laughed with him when he described "how beautiful" it was as the World Trade Center fell and the reaction of the "wretched" American people who quickly embraced Islam.

As the war on terror continues many actions should be taken by Western governments. Supporting true Arab and Muslim reformists both here and abroad is crucial. To date MEMRI's work has introduced many reformists to the West, as well as led to shutting down Islamists websites hosted in North America; exposed extremist clerics who say one thing in English and another in Arabic; and led the way in banning Arab and Iranian TV channels such as Iran's Sahar TV and Hezbollah's Al-Manar throughout the West. There is much unfinished work to complete as the war on terror continues.